Kutomo is a contemporary art space in Turku founded by Ehkä-production in 2009. Kutomo is a space, place, studio, gallery and a room in which performances from different art fields are organized all year round.

The festival opening takes place in Kutomo. Kutomo is also the place to see dancer and choreographer Nada Gambier with her Action Scénique group and Tero Nauha’s performance Life In Bytom.

Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1 B, 20100 Turku

Festival opening – the performances from Artist as Art workshop
on Thursday 13th at 20.00 – 23.00

Nada Gambier/Action Scénique Untamed Thingliness 1
on Friday 14th at 20.00

Tero NauhaLife In Bytom
on Saturday 15th at 18.00
on Sunday 16th at 14.00