Performance artists and researchers begin their collaboration in Floating Platforms

Floating Platforms, a collaboration project between New Performance Turku Festival and Aboagora Symposium takes the next step when the first three workpairs begin their residency periods next week. There are altogether six workpairs, a performance artist together with a researcher, and three of them will have their performances as a part of Aboagora Symposium from 11th to 13th of August 2015. The next three performances will be in New Performance Turku Festival’s programme.

The workpairs starting their residency and performing at the Aboagora Symposium next month are performance and sound artist Juha Valkeapää together with sound archaeologist Riitta Rainio, performance artist Leena Kela with cosmologist Kaisa Henttunen and the Norwegian performance artist Kurt Johannessen together with biologist Mia Rönkä.

Floating Platforms is a project focusing on dialogue between performance art, science and humanities. Floating Platforms provides the researchers and the artists time and space to explore their own and each other’s ways of thinking and working.

More information about the participants and the comprehensive programme is available on the project’s website

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