Ali Akbar Mehta (IN/FI) & varialambo

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Ali Akbar Mehta with varialambo: Narrating WAR
Durational performance

Saturday 5.9. at 14:00, FORUM-kortteli, Linnankatu 11

Narrating WAR is an invitation to imagine a relationship between the ‘known’ and the ‘unknown’ of our collective human history. It is an ongoing series of performance readings of a comprehensive list of ‘wars, battles, sacks, sieges, revolts, revolutions, bombings and insurgencies – from 3000 BC to the present’ that provides a comprehensive tableau of a history of human beings as a continuous history of violence and conflict. The performance reading at the New Performance Turku Festival, tells a story from which emerges an intense voyage rooted in that first war, leading to the most recent conflict – laying open the reality of it not being the last one either. The complete reading of this list takes over 12 days, and the current 4-hour iteration in Turku, performed in collaboration with varialambo, will focus on conflicts from the year 2000 to the present.

Ali Akbar Mehta (b.1983, Mumbai) is a Transmedia artist, curator, and researcher. Through a research-based practice, he creates immersive cyber archives that map narratives of history, memory, and identity constructs through a multifocal lens of violence, conflict, and trauma. Such archival mappings – as drawings, paintings, new media works, net-based projects, poems, essays, and theoretical texts, as well as performances both of bodies and networks – are rooted in posthumanist critical theories of making visible hegemonic power relations and silenced historical materialism.

He is co-founder, and co-Artistic Director of Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki, and pursuing his Doctoral Research in the Contemporary Art Department at Aalto University, Helsinki, tentatively titled “Practicing Online Performativity: Constructing Politically Conscious Archives for the Future”. He holds a BFA in Drawing & Painting from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, and an MA in Visual Culture, Curating, and Contemporary Art from Aalto University, Helsinki.

varialambo is an artist duo based in Helsinki.
Varia Sjöström, *1980 actress for nearly twenty years. Got tired of repeating male dominated story telling. Decided to create her own stories and became the first descendant of the Feminist Guerrilla Group Dust and Seeds.
Hatz Lambo, *1980 writer and poet. In 2019 he moved to Finland and became an artist. He builds Installations from the 4th Millennium.