Sat 7.10. 11-16.30

Sun 8.10. 14-18

On Saturday 7.10. at 11.30am, installation opening and presentation by Diana Soria

The word ANALCO comes from the náhuatl atl ‘water’, nalli ‘the other side’ and co ‘place’, in English it would mean “on the other side of the river”. Based in Helsinki, ANALCO PROJECT is a platform that explores the process of construction of a translocated identity, the process of adaptation and in this process, the importance of collaboration. This project is interested in the transmission of local histories and experiences as an alternative way of knowing “the world” outside the media barrier.

The project started in 2016 with New World: Violence Remains, video/performance from Latin America,  an open call directed to Latin American artists, activists, students, art historians, feminists, inviting them to expand notions of past and present (his)stories in speeches and hegemonic narratives. The call seeked to bring together a selection of videos that can confront the Finnish viewers with silence and privilege of official histories.  It is a collection that resist official narratives, sharing and expanding Latin American visions in Europe. The first call received around 130 proposals from 14 Latin American countries.

This project is run by independent artists and kindly supported by Kone Foundation.