Annaliina Niitamo (FI)

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Photo: Vilja Pursiainen

Annaliina Niitamo: On a Critical Walk
Performance Lecture / walk | Registration required, register here
Saturday, 5.9.2020 14:00-15:00

Starting point of the walk at Yliopistonkatu 29 (Pedestrian street, opposite of Stockmann)

Walking in the city creates rich but tacit information about the streets, but also reveals information about ourselves and our relationship to the surrounding society. Walking is a form of urban criticism, but is it connected to official decision-making processes and change? What kind of minor changes can an urban dweller carry out in their everyday surroundings? In this city walk we’ll turn off our subconscious decision-making models and obey an algorithm that orients us around the streets of Turku. The ending point and the journey there are unknown. During the walk we will hear about urban walking and an on-going research project that studies meanings young adults give for walking in densely built neighborhoods during the corona pandemic. How is the concept of living and inhabiting the city expanded into the streets and what does it mean in terms of urban planning?

Annaliina Niitamo is conducting her doctoral research at the University of Helsinki, political sciences. She is researching current communication phenomena and the public’s participation in city planning. In her ongoing research she is looking into eastern Helsinki young adults and their observations on everyday-life during daily strolls during the corona spring. Niitamo is currently outlining how everyday walking could act as an effective form for city criticism. She is dreaming of a society where participation in local democracy would be as easy as using a webshop. She’s conducted material by foot from Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris for her upcoming non-fiction novel on walking.