Antonín Brinda (CZ/BE)

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Photo by Jolijn de Wolf

Antonín Brinda: Wounds that take time to heal
Performance / discussion
Saturday 5.9.2020 at 16:00
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Meeting point at Turku Harbour train station (the spot where the railway ends)

Traveling is no longer what it used to be. COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the ways how we (can not) travel and thoughts we have about traveling.

New apparatuses of control over bodies of people on the move were added to the ones that were already normalized – from temperature scanning to banning certain passport holders from entering or leaving certain territories.

But not only technical and administrative tools are influencing travelers’ mobilities. Before the pandemic, the “flygskam movement” (from Swedish: “flight shame”) was promoting the reduction of air travel for ecological reasons. During the recent pandemic months yet another issue arose: is it ethical to move around and by that to potentially become a carrier of the disease?

The work “Wounds that will take time to heal” wishes to contribute to this ongoing debate on the freedom of movement.

In collaboration: Anitta Kynsilehto, researcher, New Social Research / Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere

Antonín Brinda, Czech artist based in Europe, works primarily in the fields of performance and urban art. Other favorite forms include walking, body, site-specific and long durational art. Antonín currently explores topics such as global traveling, urbanism or public transportation as well as ways of sharing personal and intimate stories. He is a graduate from different fields of art and art theory.

Apart from an artist, he is also an organizer/curator of various (performance) art events and festivals such as Performance Crossings (Prague, CZ), Performensk (Minsk, BY) or Wärmflasche (Berlin, DE – Vernéřovice, CZ). For this year he has been invited as a guest curator to New Performance Turku Festival (Turku, FI).

Antonín would like to know, “How to make love with a city”.