Antti Tolvi & Tero Niskanen

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Antti Tolvi & Tero Niskanen: Honk
Performance, in partitions
Saturday 19.10.2019
14:30: Mannerheim park
15:00 Pedestrian street (Yliopistonkatu)
15:30 Library Bridge

Three traffic situations are formed in the city:

Mannerheimin puisto (Mannerheim park, Puutarhakatu 24, Turku)
Escapades and tight curves in sand coated emptiness

Kävelykatu (Pedestrian street, Yliopistonkatu 20-29)
Movement in the midst of movement

Kirjastosilta (Kirjastosilta bridge)
Disappearing and distinguishing

Honk is situated in between the city, as a part of its inner movement. The work explores the future of shifts and transitions through sound which is also itself a form of movement.

Tero and Antti started to work as a duo in 2014. They realized they share a fantasy world filled with fairies and have been intuitively navigating in it since.

Antti Tolvi (b. 1977) is Kemiö Island based composer and artist who has been working with sounds over 30 years. After touching rock, punk, pop, world, reggae, schlager, raga, free jazz, noise, minimalism and 4:33” Antti started small sound art festival in his village, building sound art installations and collaborate with other artists/mediums.

Tero Niskanen (b. 1982) is Helsinki based visual artist and experimental musician. He graduated MA from Fine Arts Academy in 2018. Vital themes for him have been interlacing of different temporalities and the alternation between presence and absence. Inherent to Niskanen’s work are processes consisting of series of experimentation, cross-connections of mediums and spaces formed by their intertwining.