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“It’s over! Postmodernism is over. As the mainstream clings feverishly to the expressions of postmodernism, artists are moving forwards towards new ‘isms’. In our newest long-term project we put postmodernism in a fictitious museum and deal with issues of today, the past and the future. We are happy to move forwards towards new horizons and to address existential questions: who are we? how did we get here? and did postmodernism affect us in the end anyway?”

In Museum of Postmodern Art the international performance group Oblivia have set itself a megalomanic task: to do something that is new. Elegantly and only seemingly disoriented they wander about our known world as if through a dark theatre. They are not afraid to fall through the trap doors of evolution or look behind the scenes of cultural history. They dissect emotional and intellectual concepts alike and dig deep to the roots of language itself. What they finally put on the big stage and send marching down towards their audience is simultaneously absurd, monstrous and yes, totally new. Humour has a new name, performance a new language, the future a new face: this is Oblivia, profoundly philosophical, highly intelligent and seriously funny.

Museum of Postmodern Art performance is co-produced by at PACT Zollverein and Espoo City Theatre. The premier took place at PACT Zollverein, Essen in November 2012 and the Finnish premier was at Espoo City Theatre in November 2012. The performance is the first in a series of five and part of the five-year project Museum of Postmodern Art – MOPMA.

Founded in 2000 in Helsinki, the international performance company Oblivia is a unique force on the Finnish performance scene. Working from grand ideas to minimalist performances, Oblivia merge the boundaries of genres and nationalities. The background of Oblivia’s members from Finland and the UK are in music, dance and theory. This mixture creates a vibrant tension and humour in their work. From the beginning the core members have been working together creating a common performance language.

Performers: Timo Fredriksson, Anna Krzystek (UK), Annika Tudeer
Sound: Juuso Voltti
Light: Meri Ekola
Production manager: Marina Andersson-Rahikka
Photography: Eija Mäkivuoti
Production: Oblivia
Language: English