Actions and Presence

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Ritournelle by Anaïs Héraud 1.10.2015 The space is an old wine factory. The room is stone built with a glass floor in the middle and a long wooden table on top. Large wooden sticks are supporting each other into a … Continued

The Variety Show

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ieke Trinks Variety Show 4.10.15 I enter Titanik Gallery to discover a situation in media res. In the front room burnt matches and banana peels litter the floor, along with a half-empty bottle of Koskenkorva, a shot glass, a tipped-over … Continued

A Clay Stone Story

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Lynn Lu + Saana Svärd: Menetys Reading someone’s story about how s/he felt in a terrible time of his/her life made me feel I am invading someone’s life. Maybe, this is happening because I now have the power to do … Continued


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  1.10.15 It took some time to find the place, which necessitated a wander through the park until eventually I spotted some metal and lumber in the distance. It was a bit different from what I had expected. Rather than … Continued


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A long wooden table sits adjacent to a pile of scrap lumber stacked in a conical formation, atop a glass floor suspended over exposed brick and stone of the Vanha Viinatehdas. A smaller pile of wooden planks leans against the … Continued

A Poem about Habeas Corpus

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  A poem about Habeas Corpus by Ray Langenbach and David A. R. Ross, via     I. SYSTEM an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole any assemblage or set of correlated … Continued

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