The Tree and the Metal Plates

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It took me 10 minutes to draw the metal structure that Antti Laitinen has placed around the tree. It took me 20 minutes to draw a tiny part of the tree itself. Could this be what the artist intended to … Continued

The Blue Hand

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  After the performance From My Brains To Yours by Mikko Sams and Joshua Sofaer, we gather in a small crowd outside Tehdasteatteri’s front door. Cigarette smoke lingers slowly in the could, dark-blue September air. One girl starts to tell … Continued

Audio documentations

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An essay on and a collection of audio documentation of performances by Antonín Brinda. We are used to see photos from performances as well as we watch the (edited or not) video documentations. It does not matter if it is … Continued

Afterwork Discussion at New Performance Turku Festival

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At the New Performance Turku Festival there are altogether seven Afterwork Discussions that continue festival’s theme of discussion about performance and Live Art.  The events take place after the performances and the audience is invited to participate in the discussions. … Continued

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