A Poem about Habeas Corpus

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  A poem about Habeas Corpus by Ray Langenbach and David A. R. Ross, via dictionary.reference.com     I. SYSTEM an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole any assemblage or set of correlated … Continued

The Tree and the Metal Plates

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It took me 10 minutes to draw the metal structure that Antti Laitinen has placed around the tree. It took me 20 minutes to draw a tiny part of the tree itself. Could this be what the artist intended to … Continued

The Blue Hand

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  After the performance From My Brains To Yours by Mikko Sams and Joshua Sofaer, we gather in a small crowd outside Tehdasteatteri’s front door. Cigarette smoke lingers slowly in the could, dark-blue September air. One girl starts to tell … Continued

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