Antti-Juhani Manninen

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2951] Antti-Juhani Manninen’s piece at the New Performance Turku Festival will be a two-part event-like performance, continuing with the themes central in his recent works. Both pieces, first one on Friday and the second on Saturday will take place … Continued

Joshua Sofaer

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2925]   First presented in Turku in 2000, this performance lecture examines the causes and effects of embarrassment. The lecturer, Joshua Sofaer, sets it as his aim to become embarrassed, live in front of the audience. The theory – … Continued

Annika Tudeer

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2965] Annika Tudeer uses the ballet Swanlake as a framework for the performance and deals with the fact that the idea of making Swanlake into a solo was not such a great idea after all. “My intention was to … Continued

Antti Laitinen

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2988] During the New Performance Turku Festival Antti Laitinen will be building his work Armour at the Vartiovuori Park. By using plate and pop rivets he will build a harness to a tree. Antti Laitinen (b. 1975) is a … Continued

French & Mottershead

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2973] Afterlife (Woodland) is a contemporary meditation upon our relationship with death, the body, place, nature and time, in the form of an 18 minute audio piece. It draws on visceral experiences and insights from forensic anthropology, ecology and aesthetics.  Woodland is … Continued

Márcio Carvalho

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2980] The performance work A Meeting in Turku in 2015 by Márcio Carvalho is a reflection about the monument A Meeting in Turku in 1812, as a potential site of collective memory and public history. Questions such as Who owns the … Continued

Anaïs Héraud

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2935] Ritournelles are often found in children’s songs, advertisements or political slogans in demonstrations, among others. Its principles avoid traditional storytelling and emphasize on action. Anaïs Héraud will adapt the concept of ritournelle to compose a solo performance investigating … Continued

Ray Langenbach & David A.R. Ross

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[portfolio_slideshow id=2959] Habeas Corpus is the second collaborative work between Ray Langenbach and David Ross. The performance concerns the nation state (Finland, the USA), law, economics (corruption, trafficking, sexploitation), the rights of the whistleblower and the political refugee. Ray Langenbach and … Continued

ieke Trinks

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[portfolio_slideshow id=3118] When no one shows up there will at least be the documentation to hold on to! As a live event, The Variety Show is an attempt to bring a portfolio of past performance works alive. At the same time it … Continued

Floating Platforms Programme

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    The project includes alltogether six performances three of which will be seen at the Aboagora Symposium 11th to 13th of August and three as a part of New Performance Turku Festival 28th of September to 4th of November … Continued

Floating Platforms

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Floating Platforms is a project exploring dialogue between performance art and both science and humanities. It is organized by New Performance Turku Festival and Aboagora Symposium. In the Floating Platforms project 12 researchers and performance artists have a possibility to explore … Continued

New Performance Turku Festival 2015 Programme Release

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The programme release for New Performance Turku Festival 2015 takes place at 26th of August at Vähätori in Turku. The event includes publishing of this year’s artists and information about the upcoming performances, a chance to grab yourself a printed programme … Continued

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