Festival 2014

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New Performance Turku Festival is an international performance and live art festival that takes place from September 28th to October 4th. The festival presents top international performance artists and represents diversity in performance and live art, giving new perspectives on life, … Continued

Floating Platforms

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Floating Platforms is a project exploring dialogue between performance art and both science and humanities. It is organized by New Performance Turku Festival and Aboagora Symposium. In the Floating Platforms project 12 researchers and performance artists have a possibility to explore … Continued

Artists 2014

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  MARK HARVEY [portfolio_slideshow id=1514] Mark Harvey is a performance artist from Auckland, New Zealand. New Performance Turku Festival presents two of his site-specific pieces, curated in collaboration with the artist including in the series of New Zealander performances We come … Continued

Artists 2013

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Tero Nauha (Finland) [portfolio_slideshow id=24] Last year Tero Nauha was at the New Performance Turku festival with his performance piece Tell Me About Your Machines which was a part of a larger project called Life In Bytom. This year Tero … Continued

Venues 2013

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Titanik Gallery Titanik Gallery is one of Turku’s most important spaces for contemporary art of all forms. Titanik Gallery has been run by the Arte Association since 1988 and organizes projects, residencies, workshops and events, not just in the gallery … Continued


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The NOTAMOLESKINE community will contribute to a real-time critical mass for the festival and a collaborative performance archive. The writing itself acts variously as prompt, record and gift for artists and festival audiences alike. NOTAMOLESKINE is produced by Rachel Lois Clapham as … Continued

Vanha Viinatehdas

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Vanha Viinatehdas is a renovated space in partly two floors in the oldest part of Manilla. The speciality of the space is the glass-made balcony and floor, under which are visible the old cultural layers that were found during the … Continued

An Art Discussion (And 5 Forbidden Words)

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As a part of Breathing: More Is More Festival New Performance Turku Festival organized a discussion about art titled <3 ART WORKS – puhutaan taiteesta! (Let’s talk about art!) <3. The event was a combination of discussion and an open … Continued

Walkapolis city walks announced!

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Walkapolis city walks will listen to the city and experience the geology of the streets The Geological city walk guided by Toni Eerola will observe the meaning and use of geology in the city space with psycho-geology and performance. The … Continued

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