OPEN CALL: Writing group for the festival

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Do you want to write about performance art?
New Performance Turku Festival’s writing group is back!

The purpose of the writing group is to write about performance art, each from their own personal view. You don’t have to be an expert of modern art or writing to take part.

The writing group’s commission is to write texts that open up first impressions, feelings and causations emerged by the performance works. You may depict what inspired, wondered, impacted or moved you in some other way. The fundamental idea is that the text is a quick reaction and reception to the performance – not doing a profound study on the subject. Style and point of view are free. You can write in any language.

Writing group’s texts will be published during the festival on festival’s web page, All chosen writers will also get a festival pass. During the writing days we will also offer something to eat and coffee. Writing group will have a meeting before the festival, on Thursday 29th September at 3pm, at the festival office.

Writings from last year can be read on festival’s blog page.

Write yourself into the discussion!

Apply here by Wednesday, September 28th.