New Performance Turku Festival 2013

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New Performance Turku Festival 2013 was held from June 13th to 16th 2013 around Turku, Finland, in Titanik Gallery, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, TEHDAS Theatre, Kutomo, Dance Theatre ERI, Hamburger Börs Night Club and the city centre of Turku. Festival presented 15 … Continued

Artists 2013

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Tero Nauha (Finland) [portfolio_slideshow id=24] Last year Tero Nauha was at the New Performance Turku festival with his performance piece Tell Me About Your Machines which was a part of a larger project called Life In Bytom. This year Tero … Continued

Venues 2013

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Titanik Gallery Titanik Gallery is one of Turku’s most important spaces for contemporary art of all forms. Titanik Gallery has been run by the Arte Association since 1988 and organizes projects, residencies, workshops and events, not just in the gallery … Continued


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The NOTAMOLESKINE community will contribute to a real-time critical mass for the festival and a collaborative performance archive. The writing itself acts variously as prompt, record and gift for artists and festival audiences alike. NOTAMOLESKINE is produced by Rachel Lois Clapham as … Continued

Artist as Art

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As part of the Artist as Art workshop, six Turku based artists from various art genres have been working on new performances under the guidance of festival artist Joshua Sofaer. The performances will be presented at the festival opening on … Continued