CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago & Saara Hannula (FI)

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For the last two years, CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago has been inviting artists to work at the island Seili in interdisciplinary contexts within the Spectres in change -project. The project is urged on by the capacity of artists to weave together otherwise incompatible perspectives and positions, while drawing out points of friction and leakage between different epistemologies, across micro and macro, or local and planetary scales. Spectres in Change is thus committed to supporting artistic practices and processes that leap towards the unknown – that holds promise both in the past and the future – amidst the urgencies to predict and model the impacts of escalating climate chaos.

CAA will open up their work and activities at the island of Seili together with project artists, such as Saara Hannula, as part of New Performance Turku Festival. The visit will consist of performances, guided tours and walks and discussions. The programme sets out to draw to light a multiplicity of entangled environmental and societal transformations that call and allow for modes of active participation rather than mere implication.

The programme at Seili Island is curated by Taru Elfving. More detailed programme and enrollment will be published in August 2020.

CAA collaboration with The Archipelago Research Institute in the Spectres in Change project is supported by Kone Foundation.

Saara Hannula is an artist and researcher from Helsinki, Finland. The core of their work are questions around turning point of energy, spatial relations and long-term ecological changes. Their work consists of multiyearly and context based artistic research processes that become artworks via performances, installations, events, workshops and publications. Hannula is MFA from Aalto University Environmental Art programme (2010) and has conducted artistic research at University of the Arts Helsinki since 2017. In addition to their own work, Hannula also teaches at the Fine art Academy and Theatre Academy in Helsinki.