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mirko nikolić + Elin Már Øyen Vister ft. Pokara (Janne Seppänen + Iida Falck):
Let us rock! – Sounding and movement – mother earth’s children respond to extractivism

Sunday 23.9. at 15:00
Erik Pommerilaisen ranta
Collective walk to performance: start at 14:45 from Manilla

This is a circular history. Particles and dust – minerals and mineraloids ; chemical compounds emitted from ancient big bangs. Vital part of bones and bodies – rocks form cliffs, moraines, mountains, valleys below and above oceans. Mountains and rock formations have been and are still sacred for their peoples. Land as body. Keeping us alive. Rocks and minerals carry waterways. Waterways carry minerals. Pick a flint or quartz stone that fit the palm of your hand… Shape it into a tool. Tools shaped our common future. Hand or basketfuls became thousands of tonnes. Destructive powers crept into hands and greed took hold. Mountains begun to bleed… Iron bleeds red. Ecocides. Epistemicides. Extinctions.

We stand amidst another intense wave of appropriation of nature in what passes as “developed world”. The North Of Europe/Sápmi is one of the Great Frontiers of extraction. What is left when the last mine dries up and crumbles?

Elin Már Øyen Vister & mirko nikolić work on storying and performing the invisibilised and untold relationships between humans and the earth. Their practices are rooted in site-specific and local practices of listening and learning from the ocean, the sky, birds, rocks, plants and people’s oral and written histories. mirko is a visual artist and theorist who grew up in the (post-)socialist Yugoslavia, and has over the recent years been dwelling and working between Finland, UK, Serbia and Sweden.

Elin Már is an artist, composer and earth lover based in Røst, Nordland, Norge /Sápmi. The duo met in the island of Skomvær, Nordland/Sápmi, in the framework of Røst AiR queer ecology programme, of which Elin Már is one of the initiators and organisers. In 2017, together with Alex Wilson and Larval Rock Stars, they co-produced a listening/sensing session a pluriverse in transit, presented at the 8th Conference on New Materialism (Paris) and Homo Novus festival (Riga). They are workgroup members of a network “Vad är en by/sijdda/kylä/bygd/selo/village?”, and are engaged, as part of a larger group, in a multispecies commoning project in Kainuu, Finland. This is their first work in this constellation.