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Emilia Kokko & Markus Lindén: Fragile structures, part 1: A humming
Saturday 22.9. at 17:00, Raunistulantie 15C (Sports facility Alfa)
Free bus transport to performance, start 16:30 at Aurakatu 2 – book your place here

Here is this humming.
I am here now.
A humming and something.
This exists.
A landscape like this.
I’m in a landscape like this.

The most important thing in my work are fragile structures. I work in fragile structures, surrounded by them, with them, for them. When I work I acknowledge the fragile structures, their speciality, fragility, delicacy, momentariness and continuous metamorphosis. Fragility is constantly redefined over and over again. I want to take care of the fragile structures. I want to make space for fragile structures in my work.

For me a world that has room for fragile structures is a lighter, more spacious and softer place. Maybe more sheltered, maybe better. In fragile structures there is room for being broken and helpless, there is room for failures and for barely surviving, for underachievements, for weirdos, nobodies and others, for queers, curious and non-normatives, for animals, for different kinds of grammar, for speeches you don’t have the courage to perform because you don’t need to be brave and you don’t need to participate, you don’t need to know how, you don’t need to agree, you don’t need to dare.

When I begin to make a performance I focus my attention to the space behind the structures. What hides behind everything? What kind of wastelands, fallows, deserts, gardens, oases? What kind of voids and marvels? What kind of almost-ordinarities? What kind of vaguenesses and unclearnesses and all those undefined somethings? All these unthinkabilities. Here is this humming. Here is dim and obscure. I’m here by the nothingness. By this something and behind it. Meanings sway and disappear and change and change. This is what it’s like in here.

Emilia Kokko is a queer feminist, live artist and actor.

Emilia Kokko’s last works have been Genderfuck – gender poetics, series of premieres Näyttely – Exhibition – Vino Potretti (“Queer Portrait”) and Turiseva Tissi: Jouluoratorio. They have performed for example at works such as Shawarma – Pahan koreografia, Nature Morte, Channelling and Dark Matter. Kokko’s photographs and videos were seen at Titanik gallery’s exhibition Between a rock and a hard place there is softness and Mänttä Art Festival. The new work for the New Performance Turku Festival will be conducted in collaboration with Markus Linden.