The Blue Hand

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After the performance From My Brains To Yours by Mikko Sams and Joshua Sofaer, we gather in a small crowd outside Tehdasteatteri’s front door. Cigarette smoke lingers slowly in the could, dark-blue September air. One girl starts to tell a story of making a performance about blue fingermarks on paper, colouring her thumb and other fingers with a blue felt-tip pen, pressing the print over and over again on a sheet of paper. The pen was a permanent marker, and later her whole hand turned blue. The ink from the pen absorbed into her skin, colouring her palm and wrist light blue. HER HAND WAS BLUE.

We stood there, in the cold September night, listening to this incredible story. The performance by Sams and Sofaer was about believing, suspending the disbelief, about alternative realities. We were given instructions how to suspend the disbelief.

But here, listening to the story of the blue hand, we don’t follow the mechanisms of participation and confabulation. Some of us have heard the story before, us who haven’t, are too stunned to react. We could ask questions. What happened then? Did the colouring spread? How long did it last? Did you have to go to a hospital? Maybe the story would have continueed. Maybe she turned all blue, from tip to toe. Maybe her hand had to be amputated, maybe she now has prosthesis. Maybe she was acknowledged as the only blueblooded in our country and proclaimed the Queen of Finland. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

But the moment passed. Are we too mundane, stuck in our realities to take the leap into fantastic, momentarely alternative reality?When we are offered a rupture in the real, a gap between the two worlds, why don’t we jump?


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Annika Dahlsten
Kuvataiteilija, joka ajattelee aikaa ja animoi ajatuksia

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