Fern Orchestra

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Photo: Vespa Laine
Photo: Vespa Laine

Fern Orchestra: Vox Herbārium
Performance. Note! Pre-enrollment, limited seats!
Sunday 20.10., transportation leaves at 13:30 at Manilla (Itäinen Rantakatu 64)
Return transportation arrives back to Manilla at 16:00
Transportation and performance free of charge, but the audience is expected to pay the entrance to the Ruissalo Botanical Garden (more information here). Reserve your seat for the performance and transportation here!

Herbarium aims for a collection that retains samples of plants for taxonomic classification. How do plants sound when they are touched? Information transmitted by the sensors attached to the plants is converted to sound. Vox Herbārium verifies the senses of the plants by collecting the information they transmit and transforming it into a stage-like form where the dancer´s kinesthetic intelligence is combined with the song of plants. The Audio Herbarium provides an audible and visible observation surface that will not be obtained from dried and flattened plants. Do we dare to reach out to the fifth dimension, which we do not yet understand, where time and space are overcome by a connection that may be small and snuggled?

Fern Orchestra is a bilingual, multifaceted multi-art group that has studied subjects such as photosynthesis, closed biosphere and the senses of plants in their works. Plants and micro-organisms operate as the orchestra’s instruments while the works include performance art, contemporary dance, publications and light and sound art. Fern Orchestra’s works highlight the relationship between humans, light and nature.

Working group: Vespa Laine, Markus Heino, Janne Kilpiö, Maileena Vaajoensuu, Titta Kotilainen / Natural Resources Institute Finland / Premiere: October 2019