Friday 6th October 2017

17:30 Performance Voyage 7 screening, Köysisali
19:00 Tomasz Szrama: Walk TEHDAS Teatteri
@ Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64

New Performance Turku Festival’s opening night will be held in Manilla building, starting with Performance Voyage 7 screening and continuing across the courtyard in TEHDAS Theatre, with Tomasz Szrama’s performance.


© Kim Dotty Hachmann und Steffi Simmen


Performance Voyage 7: Protest Songs

Performance Voyage 7 is an international collection of video performances, themed Protest Songs. Touring video collection will visit 15 venues around the world.

Protest songs typically reflect big changes in the society. Performance Voyage 7’s works discover example political state of the society, frustration and individual’s possibility to influence the world around them, and presenting alternatives for . The collection includes works from 18 artists or groups from different parts of the world.

More about the artists and the art works at MUU Association website.

Performance Voyage 7 jury includes artist Heidi Kilpeläinen, Jaakko Nousiainen, (The Finnish Institute in London, head of art and culture programme), and MUU Association’s managing director, Timo Soppela. Performance Voyage 7 -collection is supported by the Helsinki culture centre.



Tomasz Szrama. Photo: Thomas Reul
Photo: Thomas Reul


Tomasz Szrama: Walk

Tomasz Szrama’s ”Walk” consists of several difficult steps with the help of all gathered.

Tomasz Szrama (b. 1970 in Poland) graduated in 1998 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. He currently lives in Helsinki, Finland. Szrama shifts between multiple disciplines, including photography, video and other time-based works. Regardless of the medium, a dominant thread common in his work is the use of his own body and methods of performance art.

Characteristic feature of his work is the use of spectators, active participation of the audience and improvisation. Such a strategy embeds his presentations into the tradition of understanding performance art as a process art, where the very moment of creation is essential. His work touches on themes of travel, trust in interpersonal relationships, and the ever present potential for personal failure. Szrama has been performing internationally in various events and festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has been an active performance art event organiser since 2005.