Mark Harvey: House Call (2016), c Jussi Virkkumaa


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Free admission to all performances (except New Performance Chile Night -club on Friday (5€) and Pilvi Porkola’s performance and festival club on Saturday (double bill night, 5€) – tickets from the door only.

Please be on time for one-off performances. For durational performances the programme announces both start and end time – with these performances, you can spend as long as you like and come and go as you wish.

No ticket reservations.

NOTE! For Kira O’Reilly’s performance transportation on Sunday afternoon, registration is necessary. Reservations here.
You can also come to the performance with own arrangements, directions at the artists page.


Download festival schedule here!


Printed programmes can also be found around the city.
Daily programme also on our website, programme section.




See performance venues and map here! Click for larger image:



New Performance Turku Festival is an international festival for performance and live art, organized annually around Turku, Finland.

The festival showcases the most interesting phenomena in performance and Live Art. This year the themes are site-specifity and micro communities inside the city. In the beginning of October a range of top artists around the world will take over the urban city space, as well as performance spaces and galleries. The focus country for the 2016 festival in Chile, and we have invited four artists in the festival, curated in collaboration with Alejandra Herrera Silva.

Association organizing the New Performance Turku Festival is an active contributor in the discussion promoting performance and live art, both locally and internationally. This is done by developing sustainable production and touring structures and working methods. During the last years New Performance Turku has visited New Zealand, Germany and Australia, among others.




Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa (2016)

New Performance Nights is a series of performance and live art club events, produced by New Performance Turku Festival and TEHDAS Theatre.

New Performance Nights -performance clubs are performance and live art events with a twist. Artistic and scholarly practices will view different insights towards the current theme: the event includes two works by live art and performance artists and a lecture by local researcher. A DJ will perform before, after and between the performances.

New Performance Nights was born from a need to bring the performance audience in Turku and its surroundings together outside the actual festival too. The first too performance club nights organized in Spring 2016 gathered both a full audience around the selected themes. New Performance Nights will be back in Autumn 2016!

New Performance Nights vol. 1: QUEER OR WHAT? / 12.3.2016
New Performance Nights vol. 2: BORDERLINE / 21.5.2016
New Performance Nights vol. 3: humANIMAL / 20.8.2016


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New Performance Turku launched an audience participation / outreach programme in 2014, titled “Audience is the expert in performance art”. The aim of the programme is to open up the idea to enjoy performance and live art, without being an expert of that specific field.

The audience outreach programme consists of afterwork discussions after the festival performances and art works. We have also developed a special “godparent spectator” (sorry, something’s lost in translation!)  concept, inviting experts of various fields to discuss performance and live art works from their own special point of view.

The festival aims to promote the discussion of and within performance and live art, and is constantly developing new methods and ways to open up the dialogue in a more dialogical way. The most important goal is to open up performance and live art for new audiences and new communities.

We have also hosted several writing groups during the past festival years: students from the Live Art and Performance Studies master programme, festival’s own writer group in 2015, writing course organized by the Art history department of the University of Turku in 2014, and NOTAMOLESKINE group in 2013, to name a few.




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Floating Platforms – Encounters Between Performance Art and Science is a one-year-project, organized in collaboration with the Aboagora symposium (University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University). More information about the project can be found here. The comprehensive e-publication of the project is published online for free and can be found here.


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Behind the festival there is a group of people working around live art and performance. The core work group is completed annually with project workers and production interns. The contact information of the work group can be found from the right side of this page.



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TEHDAS Theatre, Foundation Pro Manilla, Kutomo., Titanik-gallery, University of Turku (Aboagora-symposium and Urban Geography), Turun Klassillinen upper secondary school, Turku Arts Academy, city of Turku, MAD HOUSE production house, Theaterdiscounter and Urban Geography Collective.



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