Harriet Rabe: For the Birds (2016), c Jussi Virkkumaa
Harriet Rabe: For the Birds (2016), c Jussi Virkkumaa


New Performance Turku Festival is an international festival for performance and live art, organized annually around Turku, Finland – next edition in 2018 between September 21-23rd.

The festival showcases the most interesting phenomena in performance art. This year’s festival focuses around the theme POST POST POST. New Performance Turku Festival artists have been invited to address different post- and post-post-eras currently surrounding us: postcolonialism, posthumanism and postfeminism. As part of the festival History will be kind to me, for I intend to perform it -project, that examines decolonisation and performative ways knowledge is embodied and performed. The project is organized in collaboration with PALS Festival in Stockholm, and PAB Festival in Bergen, and project partners include RAVY Biennale from Cameroon as well as Savvy Contemporary from Berlin.

The festival’s POST POST POST theme comments the big changes and fractures in our current world view. Historically biased and oppressive conceptions towards different groups of people, nations and nature, are slowly – finally – making room for new kinds of thoughts. Is it possible to use performance art and embodied knowledge to explain and to experience the transitional shifts around us?

Association organizing the New Performance Turku Festival is an active contributor in the discussion promoting performance and live art, both locally and internationally. This is done by developing sustainable production and touring structures and working methods. During the last years New Performance Turku has visited New Zealand, Germany and Australia, among others.


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