Marinka Limat (CH)

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Marinka Limat: The Art of Encounter
Presentation and talk | Registration required
Friday 4.9.2020

As part of the festival FRIDAY evening programme 18.30-00 – registration for the full programme here

In 2017 performance artist Marinka Limat took a long walk: In the name of art, she crossed Europe on a 3000 km long journey by foot, creating a physical connection between Kassel (GER) and Athens (GR), the two capitals of that year’s art happening „documenta14“.

She left Kassel in spring, when the megalomaniac exhibition was launched in Athens, and she arrived there half a year later when the big show back in Kassel was about to end. But to miss the event was intentional: Her interest lies in the „in-between“.

The „in-between“ of art and its role far from the metropolises and – as „in-between“ people – the unformal and spontaneous exchange with locals on her way. Creating a direct and open access to get in touch with the unknown in front of her is what she calls today the „Art of Encounter“.

Marinka met Zvonko somewhere in Serbia, sometime around half of her journey. The encounter was surprising for her and unforgettable for both of them. Therefore this encounter may now serve to examine and point out the conditions, the potential, the restrictions and the power of these magic moments created by the “Art of Encounter”.

Marinka Limat is a performance artist. In the centre of her practise stands the Interpersonal. Her artistic interventions are often crossing the boundries for the performative domain: she walks long distances in the name of art, she intervenes in everyday life and herewith declares encounters as a form of art. Marinka Limat studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Berne and at the KunsthochschuleBerlin-Weissensee. She lives in Fribourg/Switzerland, where she was born in 1983.