New Performance Nights vol. 3: humANIMAL

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New Performance Nights vol. 3: humANIMAL

Performance art club
Saturday 20.8.2016
Doors 20:00, programme 21:00
TEHDAS Teatteri, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku
Tickets 5 € (from the door only, age limit 18)

Juha Valkeapää: From Bark Til Tail
Saara Hannula: The Animals Of Our Lives
Professori Lea Rojola: Terveisiä epämukavuusalueelta (Greetings from Uncomfortable Territory, lecture in Finnish)
DJ/VJ Nallebjörn

The third NEW PERFORMANCE NIGHTS performance club discusses humanity, animality and non-human agents in performances, post-humanistic lecture and animalistic music.



The Animals of Our Lives is an experiential performance about the relationships between humans and animals. The starting point of the performance is the idea that our humanity begins and evolves in constant encounters with other species. We spend our lives around animals, and every animal we meet changes our way of being human. During the performance we will summon animals that have affected us and spend a moment among them.

Saara Hannulla is a live artist and researcher from Helsinki, Finland. In her work she aims to create spaces and situations that enable new kind of relationsips between people and other species.


From Bark Til Tail 
is a half-an-hour long vocal performance of someone in cage, the cage being in his mind.

Juha Valkeapää is a performance and sound artist from Helsinki, Finland.

New Performance Nights is a series of performance and live art club events, produced by New Performance Turku Festival and TEHDAS Theatre.

New Performance Nights -performance clubs are performance and live art events with a twist. Artistic and scholarly practices will view different insights towards the current theme: the event includes two works by live art and performance artists and a lecture by local researcher. A DJ will perform before, after and between the performances.

New Performance Turku Festival is an international festival for performance and live art. Central themes for the festival are international and local collaboration, interplay between arts and sciences, and promoting the dialogue for performance art.