Saturday 7.10. between 12-15

@ Aura River Banks, From Theatre bridge to Library Bridge

Durational performances, performance walk

New Performance Turku Festival’s Saturday audience will get to walk alongside the banks of the Aura River, experiencing site-specific works. Durational performances are spread all around the area, between the Library Bridge (next to the Main Library) and Theatre Bridge (next to the City Theatre). Occupy Aurajoki! is an artistic overtake of the city centre area.


(1) FESTIVAL INFO – Titanik gallery

Our staff will be present at Titanik-gallery, providing information about the works and the festival. Also a collection of Latin American video performances, ANALCO – nomadic collection of video/performance is installed there on Saturday from 11am until 4.30pm and on Sunday from 2pm until 6pm.

Ignacio Perez Perez Strike 2 (1)(2) Ignacio Pérez Pérez: Social artist in residence – all around the area

As the social artist in residence, Ignacio Pérez Pérez will wander the city of Turku, wondering around questions like:

“What a social artist in residence can do during this current global humanitarian crisis?”, “How unexpected encounters and spontaneous friendship could contribute to collective awakening and social change?”
“Is really live art a live art?”

To try to answer these questions, Ignacio Pérez Pérez will seek to meet people in the festival venues and other contexts, considering those unexpected meeting as answers.

All the experience will be shared in the festival social media channels.

Social artist in residence is a concept invented by New Performance Turku in 2016. It brings up issues with social structures and makes festival’s social encounters visible.

PIlvi Porkola

(3) Pilvi Porkola: The Nomad Library – Turku Main Library, Uutistori (1st floor)

The Nomad Library is a performance installation, an audio play and series of participatory acts focusing on idea of library and imagining. It’s an adaptation of Pilvi Porkola’s site-specific performance Library essays, part 1 “Elephants are always drawn smaller than life” she did in Maunula library Helsinki in December 2016


John Court: Untitled (2016), c Jussi Virkkumaa

(4) John Court: ABOAUT, around Occupy Aurajoki area

The name of John Court’s work comes from two words – A BOAT and ABOUT. Both words have been the starting point of his performance. The boat and the about are both the action and the object of the work.

The performance is a collaboration with Topelius middle school students. During the New Performance Turku Festival 2016 John Court presented a performance in the courtyard of the Topelius middle school, addressing the themes of learning disabilities and dyslexia. This year he is continuing working with the school’s students and with similar themes.


Rachel Echenberg.

(5) Rachel Echenberg: Untitled

To move forward has become increasingly difficult. 
To stay centred takes all one’s effort. 
To be grounded is not the same as being stuck.

My action will play on the tensions and slippages between a fixed idea and the flux of experience. The seemingly ordinary image of rowing a boat down a river will become increasingly strange as the boat does do not move from its spot over several hours regardless of the effort of the rower. I am interested in how this simple gesture can transform into a vulnerable, intimate or uncontrollable situation. In this way, I hope to shift the focus away from regular expectations towards new possible meanings, be they personal, social or political.

Irma Optimist. Photo: Pekka Luhta

(6) Irma Optimisti: Durational Reactive Action

Performance can be understood as a visible artefact, whose realization requires the corporeal. In that sense, it becomes, each time, a temporary part of the artist’s reflection of the world. This reflection can be seen as a sculptural event.

Corporeal time becomes the material of the artist, the vector of action, the fuel of the live situation and also its object. This sculpture of time is realised in the variations of its process, as consciousness of the connection between the body and the material world.



(7) Serge Olivier Fokoua: Let’s Save Our National Triangle

The national triangle is the term often used to refer to the artist’s home country: Cameroon, because of its triangular shape. For a few years things have gone wrong in the country because of misgovernance, corruption, poverty and insecurity,

All these issues that affect Fokoua’s country are caused both by an incompetent and irresponsible local government, with the complicity of Western countries.

In his performance he will make a symbolic action of protection of a triangular space, representing the country of Cameroon.


Photo: Pia Bartsch
Photo: Pia Bartsch

(8) Sandrina Lindgren & Antti Tolvi: Household Dance Protocol

Household Dance Protocol/ Hushållets Dansprotokoll (HDP) is a project that investigates our relation to household work through dance and somatic- and physical movement methods. The project’s aim is to awaken thoughts about the status of household-movements in the society, and offer a playground in which household tasks are seen as creative movement rituals or physical and spiritual contemplation.

HDP-prject will offer workshops, podcasts, installations and performances throughout the coming years.

HDP is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Varsinais-Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus and GrusGrus Teatteri.

08_stanton_bodies of water

(9) Victoria Stanton: Canadian Silence, Cindy restaurant boat

Victoria Stanton’s peformative action is an open invitation for interested citizens of Turku to come join the artist on the river, while they sit together in Canadian Silence. No cell phones or tablets will be permitted; no texting, no picture taking. Instead, in collective non-action, she will accompany those who participate, who in turn will accompany the artist: observing their thoughts as they observe the banks on either side of the river.

Canadian Silence emerges from The Sanctimonious Sect of Nothing Is Sacred (, the first cycle of an ongoing project in which the artist instigates “non-events” in a variety of public sites in Montreal: collectively enacted moments of “Doing Nothing.”

Fake is fabulous inc.: Bosom Ballet (2016), c Jussi Virkkumaa

(10) Fake is fabulous inc.: Cruising Utopia

Cruising Utopia is a one by one encounter in a public toilet in Turku/Åbo. The history of cruising and the notion of utopia are united within the approach of a Manifest and and love letters. Cruising Utopia leads you in better world of lust, love and queerness.







AKU: Visual acupuncture (2016), c Jussi Virkkumaa

(11) AKU – visual acupuncture, Donna-ravintolalaiva

Feet is a well known measure. The measure Feet comes from the size of the grown up male feet. AKU visual acupuncture starts surveying and measuring the Donna boat, that locates by the river Aura, with different shoe sizes. Different measures will be made visible, the deck gets repeating ornaments and lines getting formed from the official information.

AKU uses often different kind of maps and measures while working in the city surroundings. Shoe is used to symbolize the walking, moving around. Boat is made to travel on the sea.

The result will tell how many feet fits the boat, and particular, who`s feet will fit the boat.