Rabota (RU)

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Rabota was established in 2014 by artists Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia to combine their work into common artistic practice. From the very beginning of the joint work, artists focus on the topics of autonomy, global mobility, media phenomenology and media ecology using their own personal things as artistic means.

Like the Labridae fish, which can change sex in extreme circumstances, Rabota had set up the curators from themselves, providing a full-fledged workflow, theorizing and curating their events, publications and objects. For six years of continuous wandering around the world, Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia have created a practice that includes isolation, insecurity and constant risk; Rabota turns circumstances into an instrument.

The main features of the group’s work are the review of ​​Ready Made idea and special non-spectacular performativity that comprises the casual life. Rabota reconsiders their life as a Ready Made.