Rabota (RU/BY)

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Rabota: The Tunnel
Installation | Registration for the evening required
Vanha Viinatehdas, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku

As part of the FRIDAY & SATURDAY evening programmes at Manilla
Register for the Friday here and for the Saturday here

Rabota is a group of two; being the citizens of different states, Russia and Belarus, artists were forced to hide from quarantine policy in the uninhabited place just to be not separated from each other and proceed common artistic practice.

In the current conditions of the lockdown, the artists’ challenge is to create a performative hybrid object, whose materiality would have a flickering character and thereby pass through material barriers. “The Tunnel” is the performative installation built on the index of all private belongings that have been in use during the biopolitical hideaway in the uninhabited wastelands.

The index of things has a matrix structure with array and variables, it can be easily transcoded into any coding system (like most universal: the text), and then regain the materiality that is necessary for the object of art. Each element of the set may be re-coded quite arbitrarily and at the same time, the integrity and self of the entire matrix object will not be violated.

Rabota was established in 2014 by artists Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia to combine their work into common artistic practice. From the very beginning of the joint work, artists focus on the topics of autonomy, global mobility, media phenomenology and media ecology using their own personal things as artistic means.

Like the Labridae fish, which can change sex in extreme circumstances, Rabota had set up the curators from themselves, providing a full-fledged workflow, theorizing and curating their events, publications and objects. For six years of continuous wandering around the world, Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia have created a practice that includes isolation, insecurity and constant risk; Rabota turns circumstances into an instrument.

The main features of the group’s work are the review of ​​Ready Made idea and special non-spectacular performativity that comprises the casual life. Rabota reconsiders their life as a Ready Made.