Salla Talvikki Nieminen

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Salla Talvikki Nieminen: Free Verse Work
Durational performance
Saturday 19.10.2019, between 9-17
Forum-kortteli (Linnankatu 11)
The artist is on break at 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:15


To a festival guest, a passer-by, a friend, a stranger –
Here I am with a typewriter, 31 kg of paper and 8 hours in my hands. I have a few words to say about work.

Free Verse Work is a performance and poetry installation about frustration with the present of work and a desire for a different future. In the performance I spend one full working day at my grandfather’s old typewriter, which he used in his work decades ago, and write poems about work.

Both real and surreal, the poems map the everyday experience of work in the present and imagine alternatives for the future. Free Verse Work is a utopian dream that smells like paper and sounds a lot like a typewriter.

The poems will be written in Finnish.

Salla Talvikki Nieminen (b. 1988, Hyvinkää) is Helsinki-based dancer, writer and performance artist. She has studied contemporary dance in Germany and Finnish philology at the University of Helsinki.

As an artist she is interested in how to say as much as possible with as little as possible. Her works often include minimalistic aesthetics, fragile and slow passing of time, resilient repetition and subtle, infrequently emerging humour. In her works she investigates personal experiences that also hold societal significance. Secretly she would like to save the world with her art – if even just a little. 

Salla Talvikki Nieminen has performed in Finland and Germany, and her writings have been published in Parnasso and Nuori Voima magazines.

The performance is part of the FRESH programme, funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation