Sanna Leinonen & Co (FI)

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Sanna Leinonen & co: Make it in time
Performance, walk and sound installation |Registration required

Thursday 3.9.202, Lieto
As part of Thursday evening programme – registration for the full Thursday programme here
Bus transportation for the programme leaving Turku at 17:20, return in Turku approx. at 23

Friday 4.9.2020 klo 17, Lieto
Bus transportation for the performance leaving Turku at 16:20 and 16:30, return in Turku approx. at approx. 19:00
Registration for the Friday performance here

Sanna Leinonen, Satu Hakamäki, Heidi Miikki & Marko Hietala

The working group is executing passive resistance against the constant need for human agency. They will gently question the human comprehension on universum’s concept of time and thus fully undestand the complexity of nature.

The working group will invite us to testify individuals’ silent movement – with an aim to return humans back into sentient, hearing beings. In the centre of that all is to enable a pause for us humans, two-legged perpetual motion machines.

The work will begin by the Nautelankoski museum and will move guided along the Nature Trail. The work is not fully accessible and requires walking in nature environment. The walk is approx. 1,5km long. There’s a possibility to experience the work with your own smartphone and headphones, but some eqpuipment will also be provided on site. More information will be provided upon registration.

As an artist, Sanna Leinonen is positioned in developing new forms of circus and contemporary circus. In her latest works, circus meets at least performance art and site-specific art, and the forms are strongly connected to current discourse on the ecology and ecological crisis.

Sanna Leinonen is a contemporary circus artist, graduated in 2019 at Turku Arts Academy. In her new work Leinonen acts as a director, bringing along a working group including performing artist Satu Hakamäki, circus and dance artist Heidi Miikki, and music and sound artist/technician Marko Hietala. The working group is interested in presence, exploratory work, relationship between human and nature as well as pausing beside simple things in life.

In collaboration with Regional Dance Centre of Southwest Finland