Stirnimann – Stojanovic

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Anja Wurm

Photo: Anja Wurm

Stirnimann & Stojanovic: – Space– 

Durational performance
Saturday 19.10.2019 between 18:00-02:00
Vanha Viinatehdas (Manilla), Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku

– Space – is a performative and installative intervention by Stirnimann – Stojanovic (Zürich, CH) thematizing concepts of living and working, active production and passive resistance, collective performing and intimate sharing, nonviolent disobedience and self-defined ways of doing and being.

– Space – as bedroom – as storage – as platform – as stage – as workplace – as mobile home – as mobile artwork.

Nathalie Stirnimann (CH, 1990)  and Stefan Stojanovic (SRB, 1993) work as an artist duo since 2015 and are currently based in Zurich. Their work has been presented in Europe, South America, Asia and India.

Thematically, they are interested in social problematics and structural questions. They aim to work collectively as a duo or in bigger groups.

They are working cross-media with a focus on performative intervention and installation.  Furthermore, ephemerality and the live moment, in relation to performance art and in relation to one fundamental aspect of human condition, are crucial topics within their artistic practice; that’s why every live act is presented only at once.

Supported by TelepART (Finnland-Institut in Deutschland)