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Roland von der Emden

Jiayi ChenHenry ChanRoland von der Emden

John Court’s work Untitled reflects the artist’s own experiences of dealing with dyslexia. The long durational performance is located at a schoolyard; it reacts to the one-dimensonial learning techniques and the frustration caused by the educational system. At the end of primary school Court could barely read and write, and in his work he attempts to recreate this feeling of failed learning. Court is known for his long durational performances and he works with physical and temporal elements – with movement and duration he creates alternative meanings for language. Untitled lasts for two days in a row, four hours a day and interacts with the school scene, working as a part of it, reacting to it’s surroundings and circumstances.


John Court: Untitled
Friday 7.10. 10am – 2pm
Saturday 8.10. 12pm – 4pm
Durational performance
Performance will be presented in the courtyard, entrance from the street – follow information
Topeliuksen koulu / Topelius School, Hansakatu 2


John Court (b. 1969 in the UK, living in Tornio since 1997) is a duration performance artist for whom the time is one of the most important elements of his work. Sometimes that makes him performing for 8 hours, duration of a work day and sometimes performing the whole time the event is going on or the performance venue (museum, institution) is open each day. More recently he has been interested in letting the objects and materials he uses in his performances to determine the duration of the piece.

Court doesn’t consider his performances solo works, since they always include collaborative elements from curators, organizers, artists, viewers, objects, spaces and time. His works are sensible to the site and they often create a parallel rhythm within the rhythm of the site with the ongoing repetitious action. All his works are fundamentally concerned with drawing or writing, in that drawing connects the elements of line, movement, space and time.


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Busan2011 (1)
Seiji Shimoda Yokohama (1)
On The TablePoland2008
2014News Paper dragon
Busan2011 (1)tokyo2011Seiji Shimoda Yokohama (1)On The TablePoland200860496_10151747092134346_326592164_n2014News Paper dragon

Seiji Shimoda represents the traditional school of performance art. Instead of showing the audience a finished artwork, performance or concept, he brings the basic elements of performance art to the festival: himself and his body, together in the same space with the audience. Seiji Shimoda’s work is based on the tradition of performance art – a situation created by the performer, the audience and the space.


”I will perform small actions.

I want to react to the space, do something for me and the audience.

I want to be free from the role of performance artist.”


Seiji Shimoda 
Thursday 6.10. at 7pm
Audience discussion after performance
Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1B

Coffee with the curators
Friday 7.10. 1pm – 3pm
Seiji Shimoda (NIPAF, Japan), Antoine Pickels (SIGNAL, Belgium), Leena Kela & Christopher Hewitt (New Performance Turku Festival)
Titanik-galleria, Itäinen Rantakatu 8

Discussion with Seiji Shimoda
Friday 7.10. 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Performance art scene in Japan and Asia
TEHDAS Teatteri, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64


Seiji Shimoda (b. 1953) is one of Japan’s most active, well-known and respected performance artists. He is a performer, a poet, an arts advocate, organizer, curator and lecturer at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. Since graduating Osaka City University in 1977, Shimoda’s work has been presented at over 100 international festivals, conferences and galleries, in more than 30 countries across western and central Europe, North and Central America and throughout Asia.

Shimoda is the Director of NIPAF (Nippon International Performance Art Festival, established in 1993) and has presented the work of over 300 international and Asian performance artists from 45 countries around the world in 2 annual festivals that take place in several cities in Japan. Under Shimoda’s direction, NIPAF has become one of the most influential festivals in the global performance art community and is a sought after destination for performance artists from around the world.


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Hannu Seppälä

DSC_0015 3
_PAW7354aHannu SeppäläDSC_0015 3

House Call will be a durational performance where Mark Harvey invites visitors to spend time with him in Turku Castle, to let down their hair in an ivory tower, to reflect on the old times and the new. Through a range of actions and hospitality Harvey will lead spectators on a small tour and moment of respite, while reflecting on belonging and not belonging, in addition to current global politics around immigration, nationality, economic and class privilege, climate change and the coming storm. House Call promises to bend reality somewhat while straighten fantasies with some home castle comforts, some home castle truths and some home castle not-so-truths.

Book Face is a performance by Mark Harvey, as part of his book launch of ‘Playbook’. Playbook surveys 14 years of some of Harvey’s art and performance practices.


Mark Harvey: House Call 
Friday 7.10. 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm
Saturday – Sunday 8.-9.10.  12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Tours start hourly at ticket sales counter – free admission to performance
Turun Linna / Turku Castle, Linnankatu 80

There might be some queueing due the limited number of people that the castle can allow to the space.

Mark Harvey: Book Face
Wednesday 5.10. 8pm at the festival opening
Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1B


Mark Harvey (b. 1972) is a New Zealand-based artist working in performance drawing on physical endurance, political, psychological and social approaches. His practices are conceptually driven and often dialogue and test out notions of minimal endurance with constructions of idiocy, seriousness and deadpan humour, and draw from his visual arts and contemporary dance influences.

He has also been published in a range of publications such as the UK Performance Research Journal (2006, 2013) and the South Project (2013). He is a Senior Lecturer at the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries at The University of Auckland and has a PhD from AUT University in art related practice. Some of the galleries related events he has presented in, include: The 55th Venice Biennale for Visual Arts (2013), the New Zealand Festival of the Arts (2012, the Trendheim Kunstmuseum (2012), Hitparaden (Copenhagen, 2014), Te Tuhi Gallery (Auckland, 2012, 2014 and 2016), the Govett Brewster Art Gallery (Taranaki, NZ, 2006), Gallery ZET (Amsterdam, 2011), Blue Oyster (Dunedin, 2009) and Physicsroom Contemporary Artspace (Christchurch, 2002, 2006).


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2015_DLAF_KOR (1)
IMG_6244 copy
IMG_6243 copy
IMG_6245 copy
IMG_6249 copy
IMG_6250 copy
2015_DLAF_KOR (1)IMG_6244 copyIMG_6243 copyIMG_6245 copyIMG_6249 copyIMG_6250 copy

I came to the sea and I was scared. My heart is broken.” were the words reported to have been spoken by a fisherman on finding the bodies of the small child Aylan Kuridi who drowned along with his five-year- old brother Galip and their mother, Rihan when they attempted to make the crossing from Turkey to Greece and hope of refuge in Europe. How do we express heartbreak and horror in the face of humanitarian crisis? This action invites audience members to participate in uttering these words in English, Finnish of any other language of their choosing through a throat full of sea water.


Kira O’Reilly: I came to the sea and I was scared, my heart is broken
Sunday 9.10. performance starts 5.30pm / bus to the performance leaves 4.30pm
Kolkanniemen ranta, Saaronniemi, Ruissalo
Transport to the performance at 4.30pm, Aurakatu 2, in front of Turku City Hall.
Transport back in Turku around 7.15pm.
Reservations for transportation: Reserve your seat here
Those coming by themselves: take bus number 8 to Ruissalo. Go until the last stop and find more information there. Buses leave from Turku Market Square at 16:30, 17:30 (journey about 25mins). Information about public transport in Turku:


Kira O’Reilly (b. 1967) is a London based artist; her practice, both wilfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, stems from a visual art background; it employs performance, biotechnical practices and writing to consider speculative reconfigurations around The Body.

Since graduating from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 1998 her work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, China and Mexico. She has presented at conferences and symposia on both live art and science, art and technology interfaces. She has been a visiting lecturer in the UK and Australia and U.S.A in visual art, drama and dance. Most recent new works have seen her practice develop across several contexts from art, science and technology to performance, live art and movement work.


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Michael JH Woolley


Michael JH Woolley


Henry Chan

Michael JH WoolleyMichael JH WoolleyHenry Chan

Alejandra Herrera Silva has created a new work entitled “The Waters”. The piece addresses details of her relationship with her clan and all of the emotions present in the context of a family of 5 with a spouse who is also an artist. Silva is Chilean, born during a culturally and socially damaging dictatorship, everyday gauging the intensity of her domestic existence in a setting with a history of fiery conflict.


Alejandra Herrera Silva: The Waters
Performance and installation
Installation: Thu-Fri 6.-7.10. 12pm – 6pm, Sat 8.10. 12pm – 7pm, Sun 9.10. 12pm – 4pm
Performances: Thu-Fri 5.30pm, Sat 6pm
Titanik-galleria, Itäinen Rantakatu 8

Opening: Wednesday 5.10. at 5.30pm at the Titanik gallery.


Alejandra Herrera Silva (b. 1978)  is a Chilean visual and performance artist. Her works are installation and performance based and through the explorations of her own body and gender, reference the inevitable biological implications that the body has as a social and political being. In recent years, she has been working on the issue of maternity and domestic life.

BFA from Universidad de Chile and further studies in Valencia, Spain and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Co-founder of PERFOPUERTO (Independent Organization of Performance Art based in Chile, 2002-2007) with several grants from FONDART (National Fund for The Arts and Culture of Chile) and DIRAC (Department of Cultural Affairs / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile). Her work has been presented in performance exhibitions all over the world including: Buzzcut in Glasgow, Trouble in Belgium, the Anti Festival, City of Woman in Slovania,  7A11D in Canada; and other countries such as Germany, Poland, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, United States, and Northern Ireland. She currently lives and works in Santiago, Chile.


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“Phobia # 131/367” and  “Phobia # 96/166” are from the series #My536Phobias. The series explore the vulnerability of Del Re’s own body by confronting it to several actions regarding the real phobias he has, in front of or with the participation of the audience. The series is made by using a list of the recognized 536 different phobias. He also uses the names assigned to phobias as a way to explore the sound and written form of such name in relation to the real effect on a body which it implies. Some of the phobias Del Re plans to explore are not phobias he has himself, in which case he seeks to explore the effect they have upon the audience.


Alexander del Re: Phobia # 131/367
Friday 7.10.  9pm – 2am
Doors and bar open at 7pm
Tickets 5€
TEHDAS Teatteri, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64

Alexander del Re: Phobia # 96/166
Saturday 8.10. 3pm – 5pm
Durational performance
Eerikinkatu 9 bAB


Alexander Del Re (b. 1961) is an educator, curator, organizer and performance artist since 1993; to this date he has presented his work in 18 countries of Europe, Asia and the Americas. He has been guest curator of the international performance art festivals in Poland and Germany. Del Re has been teaching performance art in workshop and master classes in Europe and America. He was co-founder of PerfoPuerto, an independent performance art organization based in Chile, with which he organized 12 international performance art festivals from 2002-2008 in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, presenting the work of over 120 artists from 30 countries worldwide.

Currently Del Re is co-founder and director of PerfoLink, Latin American platform for performance art; since 2009 to this date he has curated and co-organized 13 international performance art festivals and many smaller events in Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile, presenting the work of more than 130 artists from 18 countries.


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Maternidad (es) intercambio 1

Catherina Campillay Covarrubias

Maternidad (es) intercambio 2

Catherina Campillay Covarrubias

Catherina Campillay CovarrubiasCatherina Campillay Covarrubias

Maternidad(es) intercambio / Exchange of Maternity(ies) develops a political and social discourse establishing a link between migration, performance, Senoritaugartes own motherhood and Maternity in general – It suggests a symbolic, cultural exchange and cross-border experience. The performance will take place in the street with the help of passers-by, urging them to complete the action by asking to change something other than money: a word, a hug, a gesture of empathy. This generates a contrast to our capitalist society by getting something good without money as the medium, in a society where many women and mothers have had to pay the price to have a family that has to feed.

El grito decolonial / Decolonial Cry is a critical action that seeks to make a site of various scenarios of migration in the postcolonial world, the subjugation of Latin American bodies in their experiences as subaltern.


Señoritaugarte: Maternidad(es) intercambio / Exchange of Maternity(ies)
Thursday 5pm
Market Square, bus stop number T37, at Eerikinkatu
Saturday 3.30pm
Bus stop number 16 in front of Lidl
Eerikinkatu 4

Señoritaugarte: El grito decolonial / The Decolonial Cry
Friday 9pm – 2am
Doors and bar open at 7pm
Tickets 5€
TEHDAS Teatteri, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64


Senoritaugarte (b. 1980) is the pseudonym used by Alejandra Ugarte, multidisciplinary artist who approaches feminism through performance, video and installation. Several years ago her work took a turn that threatened the bifurcation of languages; on the one hand, towards critical actions in order to regulate bodies to later reflects on (her own) Motherhood, hierarchical and power relations established within this bond, the public / private space and education as imposture, taking elements of her and her daughter’s everyday life that represent and question these social institutions.

She is a BFA from Universidad Arcis, BA in Education from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Postgraduate Degree in Visual Arts from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Senoritaugarte is an active member and co-founder of ONG Amanda Labarca and Escuela de Arte Feminista (School of Feminist Art).


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Loreto Gibert


Loreto Gibert

FLAM (2)

Loreto Gibert


Loreto Gibert

Loreto GibertLoreto GibertLoreto GibertLoreto Gibert

Back to the Tree is a performance about love, and its central theme is the relationship that the audience has with love, and what are the limits that they have with this topic. Brain is a performance of 3 hours where Lanzarini tests his own limits through ink drips falling on his head slowly during the hours. It is also pictorial, as the artist gets covered in colour during the process.


Cristóbal Yáñez Lanzarini: Back to the Tree
Friday 9pm – 2am
Doors and bar open at 7pm
Tickets 5€
TEHDAS Teatteri, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64

Cristóbal Yáñez Lanzarini: Brain 
Saturday 3pm – 6pm
Durational performance
Vartiovuori Park, follow guidance information from Hämeenkatu 26 or Kaskenkatu 2


Cristóbal Yáñez Lanzarini (b. 1978) is a Visual Artist and Performance artist. His work in performance started in 2005, when he did performances for photographs, later on, he got involved with independent artists’ organization in Chile to present his performances, both in public spaces as well as in alternative galleries. His main theme is the relationship between genealogy, motherhood and the concept of self.

Lanzarini is currently working Black Market Chile. “My work operates in different dimensions, both in the themes and methodologies in use; with a thread that connects the whole body of my work: the audience as the fundamental axis of my performances. I want to address issues of geographic and corporeal territoriality, in which the body becomes an idea, where it is transformed into a sign element. The current theme I am exploring at this stage of my career is the family tree as personal history.” His works have been presented in Performances Space (UK) PaeKort (Rotterdam), IMAF (Serbia), FLAM (Amsterdam), Outline Festival (Amsterdam) and many festivals in Chile.


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U&pu by Tani 7

Tani Simberg

U&pu by Tani 6

Tani Simberg

U&pu by Tani 8

Tani Simberg

U&pu by Tani 9

Tani Simberg

Tani SimbergTani SimbergTani SimbergTani Simberg

A Guy and a wooden guy. Sound artist and performance artist Juha Valkeapää is the creator of the wooden guy, a carver. It is a self-portrait and it is not. It summarises things about his life, the life of a middle-aged man, at once unique and universal. The Wooden Guy makes sounds: its knees have the sound of Valkeapää’s knees, its heart beats with the repeated utterance of “sy-dän” [heart] in Valkeapää’s own voice, and its bottom repeats the word ‘bottom’ in several languages. Valkeapää has given the Wooden Guy a past life, moments of joy and sadness, love and death; how much our past feeds into our present and gives us strength to comprehend what a burden it is. At the same time, the Wooden Guy reaches out toward the future. The smile on its face reflects faith in what is coming, and the small figures carved into its sides – a child, a bird and a flower – are symbols of hope. And then there is a skeleton showing that the Wooden Guy may have its head in the clouds but its feet are firmly on the ground.

Ukko ja puu-ukko is a performance piece shaped like an exhibition. People – the audience and the carver – meet through the Wooden Guy. The carver is an artist, an exhibition usher and a fellow person. He is, he tells stories about the Wooden Guy, i.e. about life, he discusses it with visitors, he plays on the Wooden Guy and serves visitors vegetable soup and espresso.


Juha Valkeapää: A Guy and a wooden Guy
Tues 4.10. 10am – 6pm
Wed 5.10. 10am – 5pm
Thu 6.10. 10am – 8pm
Fri-Sun 7.-9.10. 10am – 6pm
Performance and installation
Wäinö Aaltosen Museo, Itäinen Rantakatu 38

The performance and installation are located next to the museum’s info, and there is no entrance fee to the piece.
There is a normal entrance fee to the museum’s exhibition.


Juha Valkeapää (b. 1967) is a Finnish artist in the fields of sound and live art. Since 1993 he has done 700 shows of 140 different works in 27 countries, including solo and group work, sound and live art, theatre, music and dance. He has also made sound installations, soundscapes and compositions for radio, exhibitions, theatre and dance.

Valkeapää lives in Helsinki, and between 2013-2017 his work is supported with a 5-year scholarship granted by the National Council for Theatre.


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Pilvi Porkola

Pilvi Porkola

“I guess I have to prepare something.. Perhaps I need a new hair colour, what do you think?

Also I like to bake something, I mean if there is an oven? Of course there is a risk on baking, I mean you never know how it goes when there is the oven you are not familiar with. So it can fail, it can be burned and then everything is spoiled.

I asked Mark and Eero to come over, do you know them? By the way, what kind of music you like?”


Until We Come Together is a performance about preparing, waiting and hanging around. The audience is very welcome.

Feat. Mark Harvey & Eero Yli Vakkuri.


Pilvi Porkola: Until We Come Together
Saturday 8.10. 9pm
Tickets 5 € (double bill night, including the festival club)
TEHDAS Teatteri, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64


Pilvi Porkola (b. 1972) is a Finnish performance artist, teacher and writer. She is doctorate from Art University 2014, the title of her thesis is “Performance as Research. Notes on Politics, Documenting and Live Art.”She is co-founder of Esitys-magazine and ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal and has been working editor-in-chief in both of them.


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The Mythological Institute (MI) is an artistic research project of Jay Albaos and Jolijn de Wolf. MI looks into the possible meanings of myths nowadays by organizing performances and installations in public space. In our technological and virtual age, religion has lost its role as a guide to find meaning in this life. Myths and stories can have an emancipating function, empowering us to create one’s own meanings and identities. The MI is researching methods to access these potentials. In the New Performance Festival Turku, MI is installing an office in the Turku library. The audience is invited to join the research by participating in consultations. The MI has two branches: the mythical Department of Space and Migration and the mythical Department of Self Exploration and World Arrangement. Both departments can be visited separately, as the nature of the consultations will be diverse as well.


Jolijn de Wolf & Jay Mar Albaos: The Mythological institute
Workshop and performance
Workshops open: Wed 5.10. 12pm – 4pm, Thu-Fri 6.-7.10. 2pm – 6pm, Sat 8.10. 11am – 3pm, Sun 9.10. 12pm – 4pm
Performance times: Wed 5.10. 3.45pm, Thu-Fri 6.-7.10. 5.45pm, Sat 8.10. 2.45pm, Sun 9.10. 3.45pm
Turun pääkirjasto / Turku City Library, Linnankatu 2



The Mythical Department of Place and Migration is represented by Jay Mar Albaos and the Tuminongnong

The department explores the dimensions of ¨places¨ and ¨migration¨ in the context of myths. The focus of the department’s research will be on migratory bodies and lore. One of the office’s services is holding on-the-spot interviews and collect narratives from willing audience. The aim of the interview is to create an inventory of the characteristics of a mythical place. The starting point would be the lore of the Engkanto (also going by the name Tuminongnong) in which the notion of environment is important. The collected data will be processed in on-the-spot installations, where the conditions required to create a mythical environment are explored. In the installations, Tuminongnong will appear.


Jay Mar Albaos (b. 1991) is an artist hailing from Tacloban, Philippines. He is currently taking up his Masters Degree in Live Arts and Performance Studies at the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Albaos is a former cultural theater performer and indigenous community worker whose interests are into tradition, folklore and mythology, Third World, Post-colonial, migration and displacement, revolutionary and reformative art forms, and humanity.

He is an advocate for the rights of the Indigenous People, the children, the poor, the women and the marginalized sectors of the society.


The mythical department of Self Exploration and World Arrangement is represented by Jolijn de Wolf and the Minotaur

The department is researching if myths can be a tool for self exploration and how myths influence our worldview. The audience is warmly invited to visit the office and take part in a consultation. During a consultation, the participant gets the opportunity to explore ones own thoughts, stories and convictions. This will be done by making a mind map: a blueprint of the labyrinth we call our thoughts. Minotaur spotting possible.


Jolijn de Wolf (b. 1984) is an artist from the Netherlands. Wolf makes performances, videos and photographic etchings. In her work she examines the multipolar experience of being human. She believes that myths and stories can have an emancipating function, empowering us to find our own way in life. Wolf often collaborates with The Minotaur: Together they are exploring how to un-know in order to find the path in the labyrinth of human existence.

She is a BFA in 2009 at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, and has been working as an independent artist exhibiting in the Netherlands and Europe. Wolf has been selected to attend several workshops, residencies, and festivals including the Helsinki FLOW festival, Madhouse Helsinki, International Performance Association in Bucharest, Performance Art Studies # 38 in Greece, Listus residency in Iceland and ARTCEB residency art centre in Surinam.
Currently she is a student at the MA Live Art and Performance Studies in Helsinki, Finland.


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Antti Ahonen


Antti Ahonen

Antti AhonenAntti Ahonen

Performance about responsibility asks whose responsibility it is to help, and whose job it is to show who helps. The artist Jenny Suhonen interviews volunteers who work at different aid agencies and draws portraits of their hands. Drawings are made into posters and then pasted around Turku by Suhonen. ”The Helping Hands” are left as an exhibition in the city and passers-by that come across with the works can contemplate their own role in the society.


Jenny Suhonen: Performance about Responsibility
Throughout the festival, around Turku streetscape


Jenny Suhonen (b.1978) is a visual artist from Helsinki, and besides performance art she also works with painting and installation. She has studied painting at the Free Art School in Helsinki (2008-2012) and architecture in the University of Oulu (1997-2007). Currently Suhonen is deepening her artistic practice at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in Master’s degree program “Live Art and Performance Studies”.

For her making art is sharing – actual knowledge and ideas, but also, and merely, sharing actual space and time. Suhonen aims to create personal experiences and researches it both in 1on1 performances and in grounds.


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(c) Antti Ahonen

Antti Ahonen

(c) Antti Ahonen 4

Antti Ahonen

Harriet Space 1

Flora Rodenbusch

Antti AhonenAntti AhonenFlora Rodenbusch

You cannot turn back time, they say. Spring is gone, autumn’s here: loss, change, scarfs. Many birds are quiet and it has gotten a bit windy. The performance For the birds will try to retrieve ten minutes of spring. In the end of May, near the old prison of Kakola, jail bird song was recorded on a very early Sunday. For the New Performance Turku Festival, a group of bird enthuastics will re-enact and perform these 10 minutes of morning song on an October evening. To catch a bird’s song has been subject to various scientific and artistic projects over centuries. It remains impossible in many ways, no matter how intelligent or advanced human technologies and techniques have become. For the birds deals with notions of care, expertise, translation and time: How can we approach what is out of reach?


Harriet Rabe: For the Birds
Friday 7.10. 6.45pm
Kakola park, former outdoor area for prison inmates
Meeting point at Linnankatu 55, where guides help you to find the place.


Harriet Rabe (b. 1987), is an artist from Berlin, Germany. She studied theatre, literature, philosophy and aesthetics in Berlin, Frankfurt (Oder) and Paris. Under the name Harriet Rabe she works in the field of performance and philosophy: devising, performing and writing on trampolines, mould, morse code, IKEA products and fears. Often her pieces take a form between installation, performance and intervention.

Before moving to Helsinki, Rabe has been presenting performative and installative works at 100° Festival Berlin (GER) 2015 and Unithea Festival Frankfurt Oder/Slubice (GER/PL) 2014 and 2015. She also was affiliated with the Center for Political Beauty (Berlin) and worked as a dramaturge for several dance/performance productions. For her current artistic research at the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Rabe explores the notion of “periphery” and a possible interplay between performance art and inquiries of ecological and environmental challenges.


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Antti Ahonen

WE and US

Pavlos Vrionides


Antti Ahonen


Antri Josef

Antti AhonenPavlos VrionidesAntti AhonenAntri Josef

Nakedness is continues Petros Konnaris’ artistic research on nakedness. He is interested in finding non-erotic naked qualities, making nakedness a neutral state and society’s limits and connotations related to nakedness. During the performance the audience can find their own comfortable level of nakedness in the showers and dressing room, and then move to the pool area.


“Dear everyone,
I invite you to come to Turun Uimahalliin on Sunday 9th at 11:00 to have a naked experience with me. The pool and the rest of the swimming hall’s areas will be available for everyone to swim, chat, listen, and explore their naked body.

I will be there performing throughout the space. In the showers, in the pool, on the stairs, at the entrance. Join me in any way you like.

Bring your own towel and anything you need. No swimming suits are allowed.

See you very soon
Petros Konnaris

PS. On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th from 14:00 to 16:00 I will be at Kirjakahvila Book cafe to talk about and share thoughts on nakedness and related themes. Come to have a tea with me.”


It is forbidded to record the performance in any way, and there will be no documenting by the New Performance Turku Festival.


Petros Konnaris: Nakedness is
Discussions Thu-Fri 2-4pm
Kirjakahvila, Vanha Suurtori 3 (Brinkkalan sisäpiha / Brinkkala courtyard)

Petros Konnaris: Nakedness is
Sunday 9.10. 11am
Audience discussion after the performance
Turun Uimahalli / Turku Swimming Hall, Rehtorinpellonkatu 4


Petros Konnaris (b. 1988) was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. He is currently studying in the Live Arts and Performance Studies program in Theater Academy/ University of the Arts Helsinki. He has a BA in Dance from University of Nicosia with first class standing, and a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from University of Cyprus. On 2012 he participated in the DanceWeb Scholarship program 2012, part of the ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna.

Petros Konnaris is working between the fields of live art, performance, dance and participatory art. He is interested in creating naked utopian moments where the participants can engage with qualities of the naked body such as playfulness, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity. He has performed in various European festivals in Cyprus, Austria, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania and Finland. Konnaris is currently living in Helsinki and misses his goddaughter Anthousa.


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Jules Doudin Fight_Michal Czanderle_res

Michal Czanderle

Animal I_Michael Komm_res

Michael Komm

Examination_Tadeáš Kadlec_res

Tadeáš Kadlec

Floweret_Tereza Kerle_res

Tereza Kerle

Michal CzanderleMichael KommTadeáš KadlecTereza Kerle

The Ferry continues Antonin Brinda’s recent work and research around the theme of transportation. Brinda has done his performances in various moving objects, and now he creates a new piece on board of the Föri; a ferry in Turku which is an important and unique part of the local transportation system. Brinda will spend three days on Föri, from the opening hour until the closing time. During his performance he will live his daily life: talking with people, looking around, reading, eating, sleeping.

M/S Ruissalo will be in use instead of the actual Föri due its annual overhaul. The performance will be made on the board of M/S Ruissalo.


Antonín Brinda: The Ferry
Thu-Fri-Sat 6.-8.10. 06.15am – 9pm
Durational performance
Audience discussion after the performance
Itäinen rantakatu 60 / Läntinen rantakatu 47


Antonín Brinda (b. 1990) originally from Czech, is an artist based in Helsinki and Prague. He works in fields of performance art, theatre and light. He is also interested in the theory and organizing of art events. After studying in Brno and Prague (general art theory, film studies, site-specific performance), Brinda moved to Helsinki in order to take part in the Live Art and Performance Studies program. There he is exploring areas such as body art, long durational performances or urban art. One of the significant research questions for Brinda might be “How to make love with a city?”

Brinda is a co-founder and co-organizator of the multigenre Kůra festival in Kutná Hora (CZ).


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Jussi Virkkumaa


Jussi Virkkumaa


Jussi Virkkumaa


Jussi Virkkumaa


Jussi Virkkumaa

Jussi VirkkumaaJussi VirkkumaaJussi VirkkumaaJussi VirkkumaaJussi Virkkumaa

Márcio Carvalho continues his project Meeting in Turku in 2015 in this years festival. The purpose of the communal project is to bring a new monument to Turku, a counter monument next to the Tapaaminen Turussa 1812 -monument in Läntinen Rantakatu. The interlocutors of the work are officials of the city, researchers and boards, but also ordinary citizens. In his project Carvalho asks who owns the job of deciding who stays for history and who is excluded? In the 2015 New Performance Turku Festival Carvalho held discussions around his artwork, and a publication event for the temporary counter monument.


Márcio Carvalho: Meeting in Turku In 2016
Collective project throughout the festival
Saturday 8.10. 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Open discussion
Titanik-galleria, Itäinen Rantakatu 8


Márcio Carvalho (b. 1981) is a Portuguese visual artist and an independent art curator, based in Berlin. He holds a master degree in performing arts at HZT/UDK Berlin and a master degree in Visual Arts at ESAD in Portugal. He is the co-founder and curator of the performance art program CO-LAB editions. In the past he founded the artist residence program Hotel25 in Berlin and initiated programs and festivals such as “The Powers of Art”, the first international TV Show dedicated to showcasing a crossing between performing arts and paranormal activity and Plot in Situ – festival of Performance art in Berlin.


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Showcase Turku presents local or locally working artists and artworks at the opening of New Performance Turku Festival on 5.9.2016. The artists of the Showcase Turku section are: Virpi Vairinen, Fake is fabulous inc., Leena Ritva Koskinen ja Marko Laihinen, AKU and Sandrina Lindgren.

Virpi Vairinen 

Vairinen’s performance at New Performance Turku Festival’s Showcase Turku opening event combines text installations with poetry and performance. It represents and deconstructs the flow between individual and collective thought in the crossroads of digital and analogue world.


Virpi Vairinen: This Must Be the Place
Wednesday 5.9. 7pm, at the festival opening
Hunsvotti, Läntinen Rantakatu 55


Virpi Vairinen (b. 1986) is a Turku-based poet. In her performances she explores the relationship between performance and language. Vairinen is part of Kolera collective publishing experimental and political literature and she’s the editor-in-chief at, a Finnish website for digital poetry.

Her performance at New Performance Turku Festival’s Showcase Turku opening event combines text installations with poetry and performance. It represents and deconstructs the flow between individual and collective thought in the crossroads of digital and analogue world.

Fake is fabulous inc. 


“Things for sex workers are worse than ever. Honestly, why are people so afraid of whores? I am going to show you: It’s breast!“ (Annie Sprinkle at the conference “Fantasies that Matter” in Hamburg 2015)


Fake is fabulous inc.: Bosom Ballet
Wednesday 5.10. 8pm at the festival opening
Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1B


Jürgen Bogle (b. 1981) is performance artist and theroretician. He finished his BA studies at the well-known institution for theatre studies at the Free University in Berlin and holds a MA-Degree in Performance Art from a transdisciplinary art program at the Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland.

Now he lives and works in Turku, Finland. He has shown his works in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Finland.




Mika Aaltonen


Mika Aaltonen


Mika Aaltonen

Mika AaltonenMika AaltonenMika Aaltonen

The performance is based on the book Halokehrät written by Marko Laihinen. It was chosen to be The Book of Aforisms of 2015. The artist duo has chosen fragments of the book’s aforistic poems and use them to open up some of the recent controversial topics of the Finnish society. The many artistic layers of the performance consist a video that walks the audience through the main themes via words and pictures, Laihinen’s readings from his book and Koskinen’s performance that connects her own interpretations of the subjects with the means of performance art. By using their artistic arguments Halokehrät asks ”What kind of future do you and we want? What do you do for the future that is yours but also mutual?”


Marko Laihinen & Leena Ritva Koskinen: Halokehrät
Wednesday 5.10. 8pm at the festival opening
Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1B


Leena Ritva Koskinen (b. 1949) is a freelance visual and live artist living in Turku. Besides working in the field of visual arts education, Koskinen has been part of theater, video and movie productions and has done several performances in Finland and Estonia.

Marko Laihinen (b. 1970) is an author living in Turku, whose first actual publication Halokehrät was published by Poesia in 2015. Laihinen is also a scriptwriter, editor, music and theatre performer for children called Fiktio Fakta, and the president of Suomen aforismiyhdistys, a Finnish society focusing on aforisms.



aku map_fast

Aku makes moving video projections on the way: Objects located along the way, videos projected on them and the artists working as the piece’s ”pedestals” form arrengements and stories.


AKU: Visual acupuncture 
Wednesday 5.10. along the festival opening walk


Heini Aho & Sebastian Ziegler perform Visual acupuncture by way of interventions in urban surroundings. Acupuncture functions as a metaphor, and a frame for different actions. An action in one place might have an effect on another place in the city. Visual acupuncture is a creative tool that AKU uses when approaching the city. The aim is to energise the surroundings and to enhance the place-related consciousness. Interventions involve activities such as: performances, visual alternations, arranging seminars, or social engagements.

Aku uses the idea of the Chinese acupuncture and the idea of mapping energy points. The City as a living organism.


Sandrina Lindgren


Sandrina Lindgren shows the audience an extract of The Olympic Shames, a physical theatre performance and a spectacle for an unheroic era with empathic values.


Sandrina Lindgren: The Olympic Shames
Wednesday  5.10. 8pm at the festival opening
Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1B


Sandrina Lindgren is a dancer, physical performer and theatre maker based in Turku. She plays on the border between physical-, visual theatre, choreography and dance with a special curiosity for storytelling and bodies.

Since 2012 she is a part of the performance duo Livsmedlet together with Ishmael Falke, Livsmedlet aims to alternate the audience’s perspectives on every day surroundings. Lindgren holds a degree in contemporary dance from Amsterdamse Hoogeschool Voor de Kunsten, and she has also studied choreography and visual theatre in Amsterdam and Israel.


Social artist in residence: Antti-Juhani Manninen (FI)
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA58-hour-after-party-2-stefan-kramer

Antti-Juhani Manninen maintains festival’s social relations and atmosphere. If you need advice or companion, just ask him or call social residency artist on call -line: +358-44-957-0955


Antti-Juhani Manninen
Social artist in residence
Throughout the festival


Antti-Juhani Manninen (b. 1977) is a Finnish artist with a background in puppet theatre working in the fields of performance, sound and social circumstances. Recurring themes in his works are performing and performance as a form, presence, easiness and artist’s freedom. The focus is often in the social and physical circumstances of performances and art events. He has performed at the Helsinki Festival and Art Helsinki events, at / festival in the museum for contemporary art Kiasma and at the music festival Ruisrock, among others.
In 2012 he founded Breathing, a combination of an art event and a work space that was organized for the sixth time this spring. He is a board member in the association for TEHDAS Theatre and is member of the artistic work group of the theatre. He is also a board member in Arte association running the Titanik-gallery. He is a co-founder in the award-winning work group Dirt Duckling known for it’s absurd performances.





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Christopher Hewitt


Christopher Hewitt


Christopher Hewitt

Christopher HewittChristopher HewittChristopher Hewitt


Leena Kela: Alphabet of Performance Art
Video performance
Wed-Fri 5.-7.10. 12am-5pm
Sat-Sun 8.-9.10. 12am-4pm
Köysiratagalleria, Turku Arts Academy, Linnankatu 54

In her video performance
Alphabet of Performance Art Leena Kela performs with the materials and objects that are typical for performance art. The work is based on over 15 years of research within the art form. She has selected 26 different materials and objects that form the language of the performance art and will perform them from A to Z. If A is an apple, what do you think P could be? Paint, paper, piss? Video and editing: Christopher Hewitt.

Leena Kela is a performance artist whose work evolves from observing everyday life and phenomena. She has been working with performance art since year 2000 and currently she is doing her doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki. In her ongoing artistic research she focuses on methods, phases and languages in collaboration processes between herself as a performance artist and experts and scientists from various disciplines.

She has presented her works in a number of contexts in Finland, and internationally in performance art festivals, exhibitions and conferences across Europe as well as in Russia, Northern and Southern America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. She works as a co-artistic director at the New Performance Turku Festival, organized annually in Turku Finland. Currently she is on artist grant awarded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (years 2015-2019).




A series of international video performances on the theme of ‘Future/Tomorrow’

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Performance Voyage VI: Future / Tomorrow
Collection of video performances, exhibition/installation
Wed-Thu, Sun 5.-6. and 9.10. 6pm-02am
Fri-Sat 7.-8.10. 6pm-03am
Bar Ö, Linnankatu 7


Performance Voyage VI: screening
Thu 6.10. at 8:30pm
Bar Ö, Linnankatu 7

Produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Performance Voyage 6 is a series of international video performances that will have its world premiere at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm from 11 March to 9 April 2016. The show comprises 17 works by 17 artists or groups. Performance Voyage 6 has three facets – the exhibition, a world tour, and a DVD publication. The works were selected by a jury composed of Annette Arlander (artist and professor), Juha-Heikki Tihinen (curator, Pro Artibus Foundation) and Timo Soppela (director, MUU).

The works in Performance Voyage 6 were chosen from submissions received in response to an international open call. The theme Future/Tomorrow inspired artists to explore our ever receding future and search for thing as-yet-to-be, whether future hopes or dystopias of desperation. How do we see the future? What hopes, fears and expectations does it awaken in us? Artists around the world were invited to send in their visions of the future, which could be the literal tomorrow, the world in the year 2050, or something inexplicably far away from us both in time and in space.

The selection of works in the series attests to the many ways in which performance art can make us see things with new eyes, sensitise us to perceive change and meaning. In the shorter works, a state of affairs changes into something different and evokes a sense of wonder, in the longer pieces new worlds open up more slowly, with the viewer sharing the same time and pace with the work. The selection reflects diversity and future visions in wildly different ways.


Caroline Blais: Étoiles (Canada)
James Duesing: Gray Elegy (USA)
Roberto Fassone: Ball Don’t Lie (Italy)
Rick Fisher: Arcadia (Canada)
Andrew de Freitas: Hội An (New Zealand / Canada / Brazil)
Stefan Hurtig: Double Make-Up, or Faces in the Wild (Germany)
Henri Hütt: The moment of now (Estonia)
Linda Lenssen: Limitations of the Unlimited (The Netherlands)
Michael Mallis: The Great Flood (USA)
Roberta Orlando: Come Out Italy, Come Out! (Italia)
Johanna Reich: App of Existence (Portrait of the future artist), (Germany)
Pia Sirén: Kukkuu (Finland)
Niko Skorpio: Feedback: I<3U (Finland)
Willem Wilhelmus & Tomasz Szrama: O (Finland)

Screening event on thursday 6th October will also include Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso: Jump In (Finland)

More about the artists and the works here.