Floating Platforms – the dialogue between performance art, science and the humanities has begun!

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Researchers and artists have started their collaborations as part of the new joint project organised by the New Performance Turku Festival and the Aboagora Symposium. The Floating Platforms project brings together six scientists and six performance artists to explore the boundaries between art, science and the humanities.

Floating Platforms provides the researchers and artists time and space to explore their own and each other’s ways of thinking and working. Performances born from the process will be publicly presented as a part of Aboagora Symposium – from the 11th to 13th of August – and later as a part of New Performance Turku Festival – from the 28th of September to 4th of October 2015.

During the Aboagora Symposium the three working pairs will be:
The sound archaeologist, PhD. Riitta Rainio (University of Helsinki) will collaborate with the sound and performance artist Juha Valkeapää. The second pair is the biologist, PhD Mia Rönkä (University of Turku) with the Norwegian performance artist Kurt Johannessen. The third pair is PhD. researcher in cosmology Kaisa Henttunen and Leena Kela, whose latest works have focused on the questions of expertise.

At the New Performance Turku Festival the working pairs who will be presenting the outcome of their research are:
Assyriologist and postdoctoral researcher Saana Svärd (University of Helsinki) and Chilean performance artist Alejandra Herrera Silva, who explores femininity and quotidian actions. Mikko Sams (Aalto University), professor of cognitive neuroscience, will work together with British artist Joshua Sofaer to investigate the neurology of aesthetics and Eeva Puumala, PhD and researcher in international politics (University of Tampere) will be working together with the Portuguese performance artist Márcio Carvalho.

Throughout the entire collaborative process, all the pairs will be mentored by PhD. in contemporary art and curator, Mari Krappala who will initiate discussion and discourse with the working pairs.

A concluding seminar addressing the project and knowledge provided by the dialogue between science, humanities and performance art will be held in November. A comprehensive e-publication on Floating Platforms will be released during 2016. Floating Platforms is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

New Performance Turku Festival’s partner in Floating Platforms, the Aboagora Symposium, operates between arts and sciences. It is organized by the Department of Cultural History in University of Turku, the Donner Institute of Åbo Akademi University Foundation and Turku Music Festival. Registration for the event is now open and the preliminary programme is available here.

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