Tytti Arola

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Tytti Arola: Silakka Triptych

Series of performative concerts

Saturday 19.10.2019 at 18.30, 19.30, 20.30

TEHDAS Theatre, Manilla

Silakka Triptych is a series of mini concerts portraying impressions of our culture’s contemporary phenomena. Sound artist Tytti Arola creates absurd sonic playgrounds to the space that drip, flap, smell and ride. Silakka (herring), her own favourite fish from the Baltic sea, acts as an important supporting character.

Tytti Arola is a Turku-born composer and sound artist who has been lately drawn towards performance art and instrument building. In her previous performance art works she has been working with the idea of extending the body with instruments. Arola is interested in doing multisensorial works, for example compositions and installations that deal with touchable materials, scents and video. Her artworks often include electronics, either fixed media or live electronics. Arola aims to bring daily life to concert venues and exhibition spaces and she wants to blur the roles of performer, composer and audience.

The performance is part of the FRESH programme, funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation