Videokaffe (FI/USA)

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Dancers: Chieh Hsiung, Laura Cemin Photo by Mark Andreas

Videokaffe: (SPACE BETWEEN US)
Performance | Registration required
Saturday 5.9.2020
Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64

Part of the Saturday evening programme (18-21) – the spaces are limited, please register here

(SPACE BETWEEN US) is a live performance between Turku, Finland, and Brooklyn, USA.
Produced and directed by Sebastian Ziegler and Mark Andreas / Videokaffe
Performed by Laura Cemin and Chieh Hsiung

“Space between us” explores the impact of virtual and physical barriers in our global society from the human perspective. Through live-streamed projections, two dancers (one in Finland and one in Brooklyn) will share the same stage and perform together. The performance will be viewed by a physical audience in Turku, during the New Performance Turku Festival and virtually from anywhere in the world through live streaming.

This performance can be viewed online on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook.

Videokaffe explores concepts of the tangible and intangible by linking kinetic sculptural installations from remote locations. Videokaffe’s members meet weekly by connecting their studios via webcams and projectors. Through this process, the members can project their art on another’s wall, which many times is located in a different country, and work together as if they are sharing the same wall.

Videokaffe is a collaborative network of 10 artists members in various locations between North America and Europe. They work across a range of disciplines including sculpture, video, performance, and new media artwork. Videokaffe explores the intersection of handcraft and technology through public art sculpture, exhibitions, residencies, and internet-based networks. Members of Videokaffe are Heini Aho (FIN), Mark Andreas (USA/GER), Jack Balance (FIN), Tom Burtonwood (UK/USA), Holly Holmes (USA), Jenny Mild (FIN), Olli Suorlahti (FIN), Erno Pystynen (FIN), Thomas Westphal (GER/FIN), Sebastian Ziegler (GER/USA/FIN) and guest artist Jip De Beer (NL).