Artist as Art

As part of the Artist as Art workshop, six Turku based artists from various art genres have been working on new performances under the guidance of festival artist Joshua Sofaer.

The performances will be presented at the festival opening on Thursday 13th June from 8pm onwards.

(Kalastajankatu 1B)

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Image: Maija Reeta Raumanni / Anna Emilia Tolppi 2013

Anna Emilia Tolppi

One Day in My Diary
For 30 days I have explored Brutal Female Energy. Join me to experience one of my days.

Audio & editing: Sami Skantsi, musician and sound designer

Anna Emilia Tolppi (b. 1978) is a multidisciplinary artist whose joy of creating continuously inspires her to experiment with new materials and new methods. With no ready answers everything is possible. Anna Emilia has held textile and visual arts exhibitions and she has been involved with theatre. Taking part to the Artist as Art workshop has opened a new door for her and she is now ready to take her first steps in the world of performance art.

Image: Joshua Sofaer / Anneliina Koskinen

Image: Joshua Sofaer / Anneliina Koskinen

Anneliina Koskinen

Ach, ich fühl’s (Oh, I feel it) are the first words in the touching aria of the wonderful maiden Pamina in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. Mozart’s classical aria is known to those who know the world of opera and everybody knows that behind that sweet singing there is years of practice and a great amount of self-control. But what happens when the singer starts to feel IT? When panic floods in, the singer’s contact to herself disappears and the world around her becomes distorted?

Anneliina Koskinen (b. 1967) is best known as a singer of classical music. She has performed as a soloist in many bands and orchestras, as well as being a member of Retrover, an ensemble specializing in the music of the Renaissance and the Turku based Camerata Aboenis. Her musical interests cover the past 2000 years in the history of music. She is also active as a theatrical performer and has been involved with electronic music.  She has worked as an actress-musician and voice coach at the Turku City Theatre.

Elina Minn

Image: Elina Minn

Image: Elina Minn

“So today I bought nipple covers so that my nipples wouldn’t show through my clothes. Now my nipple covers show through my clothes.” Elina Minn’s performance is based on observations that become words that become speech.

Elina Minn (b. 1984) graduated from the Animation department of Turku Arts Academy in 2008. She works with a variety of media, such as performance and video. In 2013 she is directing a performance for Walkmans and paper puppets and a video piece about the anxieties of young art students in Turku.

Heli Konttinen

Heli Konttinen

Image:Heli Konttinen

I am not my shoes.
Or Cinderella’s.
Nor am I your wooden leg.

I am not Orlando
Or you Mr. Bond.
Neither Santa nor God. Of any sort.

Perception. World peace. The spin of the globe.
Unicorns. Speculation. Eternal love. Gravitation.
Angels. Emergence. Death star canteen.

All in your backyard.

I am not my shoes.

The performance is about the struggle to live up to the expectations of the gender role.

The artistic activity of Heli Konttinen (b. 1967) stems from the need to understand what it means to be a human. She is fascinated by the oddity and the strangeness of the human mind. She approaches art, as well as life itself, with analytical amazement, asking how and why. Answers to these questions she presents in her work, often wrapped in humour. The medium of a specific piece of work is defined by the work itself. She uses photography, video, film, installation and sculpture. Sometimes she is present in her works, performing as a scientist for example. In her work she combines elements of conceptual art, critical art, social criticism and science. Her works reach out to a wide audience outside the art world. She wants to encourage people to reflect on their actions and to create public discussion about a more tolerant and more compassionate environment.

Jani Petteri Virta

Jani Petteri Virta

Image: Jani Petteri Virta

Jani Petteri Virta steps in front of people and asks them to come up to him. Or he might sit with them. The performances of (mental) images are uncertain and arrogant at the same time. “There is just a man and a voice, and spirit, and surface, and red – ‘There is always red.'”

Jani Petteri Virta (b. 1977) is a performance artist, visual artist, student of Finnish literature and musician from Eastern Finland.

Maija Reeta Raumanni

This is it. Oat biscuits, animals, microphone stand, Boléro music, mattress, beer can, microphone, vacuum cleaner, blue, wrestling.

Image: Hannu Seppälä

Image: Hannu Seppälä

Maija Reeta Raumanni (b. 1979) is a choreographer, dancer and performer living in Turku, Finland. She studied Dance and Choreography at the School for New Dance Development / Amsterdam School of the Arts, Dance Teaching at the Turku Arts Academy, Dance at the Hoger Instituut voor Dans in Lier and Classical Ballet at the Ballet School of Finnish National Opera in Helsinki. Since 2007 Maija has been a member of Ehkä-production, an international new dance and performance art collective. In 2009 she co-founded together with dance artist Anna Torkkel Kutomo, a contemporary art space in Turku, which they have been curating since then.