Critical Approaches

Rachel Lois Clapham will diagram the performances by hand from her position in the audience. Listen for scribbling and stamping.

Alex Eisenberg will delve into our expectation in the time just before the performance starts through a series of small and unexpected conversations with audience members.

Emilia Karjula is a Surrealist Ethnographer Wandering through Fields of Performance with a Notebook, Feeling a Special Love for Capital Letters.

Venla Luoma will assist a noter/documenter (b.2009) who ventures into and captures whatever he encounters from his perspective. She is also experimenting with live-cartography during events.

Miika Sillanpää will make phrases, snippets and experiments in new media and sound in the context of the festival.

Tuuli Suhonen: poetry critique/critical poetry.

Maria Säkö is concentrating on punctums in performance that reveal the border where personal meets public and political. She will be as precise as she can.

For biographies of the NOTAMOLESKINE Fellows please click here.

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