From artwork to documentary – seminar about archiving performance art

Photo: Leena Kela

Performance art leaves visual, literal and experiential traces. Contemporary performance art can also be found in the internet and social media. In the From artwork to documentary -seminar the archive professionals, artists and researchers discuss about possibilities in performance and live art documentation and archiving. What aspects of performance artwork should be archived, where and for whom?

The seminar is organized by Arts Promotion Centre of Finland, The regional office of Southwest Finland in co-operation with the art history department in University of Turku.


10.00 Coffee

10.30-13.00 Introduction: aspects in archiving

10.30 Annette Arlander, artist and researcher
11.00 Riina Tianen, museum officer, The Museum Centre of Turku, Art and visual culture
11.30 Johanna Tuukkanen, artistic director, ANTI – Contemporary Art -festival
12.00 Maritta Mellais, museum officer, National Gallery of Finland, Collection management
12.30 Discussion about copyrights

klo 13–14 Lunch (at own cost)

14–15 Panel discussion: what kind of archive would you compose?
Discussion moderated by regional artist in performance art Leena Kela. Discussing: Riikka Niemelä (researcher, art history), Juha Mehtäläinen (archive correspondance in T.e.h.d.a.s. Association), Pilvi Porkola (researcher, artist, editor in chief for Esitys magazine), Silja Lehtonen (museum officer in contemporary art museum Ars Nova)

klo 15–17 Final discussion and snacks

Please registrate in advance at the latest the 8th of August:

The seminar is free of charge and available for everyone interested.
The seminar will be held in Finnish.

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