Tero Nauha (Finland)

In the 2012 festival Tero Nauha presented his performance piece Tell Me About Your Machines which was a part of a larger project called Life In Bytom. Las year Tero Nauha returned to the festival with the performance piece from the project.

Bytom is a city in Poland formerly known for its mining industry. In the last twenty years Bytom has experienced radical economical and social changes during which the mining industry has disappeared from the area. In the year 2012 Bytoms centre of contemporary art CSW Kronika invited Nauha to the city for a project. Nauha visited the city several times. Visits were composed of workshops, interviews, field trips and other events. Tero Nauha organized a number of workshops for a group of people in Bytom. The material from the workshops, notebooks, digital photos, audio recordings and video material is present in the Life in Bytom performance.

Bytom, as many western cities, has faced a rapid change from industrialism to postindustrialism. In Life in Bytom Tero Nauha explores the lives of the people living in Bytom in the new, neoliberal capitalist post-soviet context. His workshops in Bytom focused on the participants relationship to the machines, objects and devices in their environment. Nauha uses Deleuze and Guattari’s schizoanalysis as a tool to approach the material affectively. Guattari describes schizoanalysis as a process of metamodelization, moving away from reduction and simplification towards “ontological heterogeneity”. In Life in Bytom schizoanalysis is, for Nauha, a method to approach the change caused by neoliberal economics affectively as an everyday experience.

Tero Nauha was born in Hyvinkää, Finland. Aside from performances he works with drawing, video, audio and various projects. He has studied art in Lahti Art Institute, Poznan Art Academy and in Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Performance Art and Theory in The Theatre Academy in Helsinki.

Tero Nauha’s Life in Bytom was seen at last year’s festival in Kutomo venue.


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