Walkapolis city walks announced!

Walkapolis city walks will listen to the city and experience the geology of the streets

The Geological city walk guided by Toni Eerola will observe the meaning and use of geology in the city space with psycho-geology and performance. The walk will guide the participants aimlessly in the city space and look for beauty and geology in unexpected objects and locations. The walk will spot the hidden beings of stones and rocks in the streets of Turku, and observe the geological power in collapsing city buildings and stone foundations. The observation of in public space can be seen as a performance. The aimless, observatory walk will create interfearence into the city space. The observative walking can be seen as weird behaviour that will catch the attention of the passers-by.

Toni Eerola is a geologist (FL) and translator. He has worked as an geologist in South America, Finland and Africa. Currently he is a specialist at the Geological Survey of Finland and editor-in-chief in a geological magazine Materia.

The Listening walk by Tuike and Simo Alitalo is a city walk that will be accomplished in silence, without speaking or electronical equipments as phones and cameras. Before the walk the participants will be briefly guided for the walk and focused listening. After the walk there will be a collective discussion that will open the experience among the participants. The aim of the Listening walk is to practice listening, activate the listening of everyday environments and to listen together. The closing discussion will also encourage to verbalise what has been heard. The walk will partly take place at wastelands and hills, so proper walking shoes will be required.

The Listening walk is planned and accomplished by Simo and Tuike Alitalo. They are currently working with an artistic research project “Kuulumia”, that examines and observes different sound spaces with locals accross Finland. Simo Alitalo is a sound artist who has made installations, radio art and sound pieces for several decades. His works have been presented in Finland and globally. Tuike Alitalo is a journalist and a producer who has been concentrated in working with communal sound art for the last five years.

Walkapolis is a city walk project situated in different urban environments. The project will visit the New Performance Turku Festival 2014. The festival arranges two walks, that have been selected through an open call. The routes for the Walkapolis city walks are planned in collaboration with the festival, the selected guides and choreographer Maija Hirvanen.

Walkapolis city walks at the New Performance Turku Festival:

The Geological Walk
Saturday 4th of October at 10am
Guided by Toni Eerola.

The Listening Walk
Sunday 5th of October at 10am
Guided by Simo and Tuike Alitalo.

The tickets can be purchased now at Piletti!

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