White on White in Saari Residence

White on White, a performance duo by Iggy Malmborg and Johannes Schmit, is working with their new piece Fuck me! (we didn’t make it!)  in Saari Residence founded by Kone Foundation for two weeks in June 2014. The performance piece will be presented at the program of New Performance Turku Festival in 2015. New Performance Turku Festival has co-operated with the Saari Residence since the first festival in 2012. Previous New Performance Turku Festival artists in the residence have been Nada Gambier in 2013 ja Oreet Ashery in 2012.

White on White will visit the 2014 New Performance Turku Festival the following autumn and lecture about their work. White on White is becoming one of the most intriguing new performance groups in Europe. They have worked together since 2009 and live in Berlin, Germany and Malmö, Sweden.


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