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Elias Björn. Photo: Anna-Karin Andersson
Elias Björn. Photo: Anna-Karin Andersson

Elias Björn (b. 1979, Sweden) interests in collective processes in connection to different contexts and media as cultural popular phenomenon, education, visual and textual language in advertisement, singing, intimacy, violence, masculinity and other. How is a self-thinking individual maintained, in connection to the establishment and the development of norms in relation to ideologies within an individual, within a society and the societies between. Elias Björn received his Master in Fine Art spring 2017 from University of Bergen, Norway. His work examines norms of identity and collective structures.

Elias Björn, interviewed by Terese Longva and Kurt Johannessen

You often work with time-based art. Do have any thoughts about that, in comparison with, for example, art that is more object-based?
Much of my interest in working with performance is based on getting a immediate response from an audience. It’s an interesting communication on, across, beyond and also far from the personal and collective sphere of humans’ inner and outer worlds.

Are you working with any particular themes or issues in your practice at this time?
It’s still in a process but individual areas of identity in collision and in connection with common and public ideas are of keen interest of mine. Many times in connection to masculinity.

Can you share thoughts about your participation in History Will Be Kind to Me, for I Intend to Perform It -project? Did this project open up a new mode of investigation for you, or was it already part of your methodology? To be more specific, the project has a very concrete problematic, is this a new way of working for you?
Since much of the work is still ahead it’s far too soon to know for me.