Henna Laininen

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Henna Laininen: My Climate Emotions
Workshop (pre-enrollment required)
Saturday 19.10.2019 between 13:30-16:30

In the workshop My Climate Emotions we verbalize and express bodily our emotions related to climate change. How does climate change feel in our body? What kind of seeds of possible futures sprout in us, and how to make them visible by writing? In the workshop we will do simple creative writing exercises and bodily exercises alone and together in small groups. We will also get further reading references about literature related to climate emotions.

Henna Laininen (b. 1980, Espoo) is a doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts (Uniarts Helsinki) and she also teaches creative writing. In her doctoral thesis she investigates how to support the process of learning a sustainable lifestyle by the means of communal creative writing in the context of contemporary art. The research consists of sound art works, creative writing workshops and an educational material. Ecological questions, polyphonic stories and co-operation between art and science are typical of Laininen´s work. Her latest sound art work Sulamisvesissä (“In the Meltwaters”) is a radio essay based around personal audio letters exploring the experience of warming and melting.

Laininen ́s research is financed by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

More info: www.hennalaininen.net

Listen to the radio essay Sulamisvesissä (“In the Meltwaters”, in Finnish): https://areena.yle.fi/1-4553151