Jan-Erik Andersson (FI)

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Photo: Marjo Malin

Jan-Erik Andersson: Building, Dwelling, Thinking – Heidegger for our Century
Performance | Registration required, register here
Sunday 6.9.2020 at 15:00, duration approx. 2hr

Details on the address and arrival will be shared with participants upon registration.

Please stay home if you’re experiencing any signs of cold, flu or corona virus. In case of cancellation, please follow the link on your registration confirmation e-mail. You will be able to cancel your participation at “view and manage your order online”.

We also recommend our audiences to prepare with their own, preferably reusable face masks. Hygiene products will also be available on site.

The performance takes place in the garden of Andersson’s home, the unique Life on a Leaf house. It is followed by a discussion/visit inside the house. The performance touches on the role of imagination, nature, stories and playfulness as inspiration for creating an “environment of mobility” for the future, when we need to slow down.

Jan-Erik Andersson is an artist whose works are dealing with primary biological, psychological and sociological energies of being human – loving, constructing, communicating, eating, dreaming, playing. Since 1980 he has presented installations, performances, public art works, interactive media works and architecture. In the course of the past one and half decades Andersson has explored the effect of the unexpected by collaborating with other artists and architects, especially with sound artist Shawn Decker from Chicago and architect Erkki Pitkäranta from Helsinki. Since 1991 he has been a member of the performance group Edible Finns.

Andersson’s best known work is the total artwork Life on a Leaf, where he lives with his family. The house, a product of collaboration with Pitkäranta, was the subject for his Doctorate in Visual Arts 2008 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.