Leena Kela (FI)

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Leena Kela: I, a Bat
Performance and installation / Requires registration
Thursday 3.9.2020, Nautelankoski, Lieto
Part of Thursday evening programme between 17.20-23 (including transportation) – registration in the full programme here

Bus transportation leaving from Turku at 17:20, returning in Turku at approx. 23:00

The art installation I, a Bat invites the audience to the Nautelankoski Mill to come near a bat, towards identification and the awakening of empathy. A plentiful colony of Daubenton’s bats live the old mill. The mill must appear different to bats compared to us humans. What if we would try to observe the space like bats? Would it be possible for us to understand the experience of a bat and to experience identification?

To understand the essence of the other, their situation, their being.
To allow the other to be other, a stranger, but to try to understand the other as an individual.

A performance artist and a doctoral candidate (the University of the Arts Helsinki) Leena Kela has been working with bat researchers for the past couple of years with a performance series dealing with bats and empathy. The bat expert for the work in the Nautelankoski mill has been bat researcher and curator at Finnish Museum of Natural History Thomas Lilley.

The participatory art installation I, a Bat is based on listening and echolocating and it is presented at the Nautelankoski Mill on Thursday 3rd of September from 6pm to 8.30pm. The languages of the work are Finnish and English. There are headphones for the audience to borrow, but it is also possible to listen the work with your own mobile phone and headphones. The evening continues with a one hour bat walk with Thomas Lilley starting at 8.45pm.

Art installation Leena Kela, sound design Marko Hietala, echolocating device Roope Pellinen and Matti Husu, the bat sounds Harry Lehto. Bat expert Thomas Lilley.

Leena Kela is a performance artist, artistic director of the New Performance Turku Festival, a director of the Saari Residence and doctoral candidate at the University of the Arts Helsinki. In her works and research she explores dialogue between corporeality and materiality in performance art. She makes performances that play with and twist our relationship with everyday objects and phenomena and pose questions to our worldview.