Leena Kela – Sanna Leinonen &co – Thomas Lilley / Nautelankoski, Lieto

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Collection of performances at Nautelankoski Old Mill
Thursday 3.9.2020 at 18-22
Registration for the full evening here

Free bus transportation leaves at 17:20 (Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku) and 17:30 (in front of Turku City Hall, Aurakatu 2), return back in Turku approx. at 23.
Attending with own transportation is also possible, but registration is still required as the number of audience is very limited. Audience arriving with own transportation – the programme starts at 18:00.

Sanna Leinonen & co: Make it in time (performance)
Leena Kela: I, a Bat (performance installation)
Thomas Lilley: Bat walk (performance lecture)

Sanna Leinonen & co: Make it in time
Sanna Leinonen, Satu Hakamäki, Heidi Miikki & Marko Hietala

The working group is executing passive resistance against the constant need for human agency. They will gently question the human comprehension on universum’s concept of time and thus fully undestand the complexity of nature.

The working group will invite us to testify individuals’ silent movement – with an aim to return humans back into sentient, hearing beings. In the centre of that all is to enable a pause for us humans, two-legged perpetual motion machines.

The work will begin by the Nautelankoski museum and will move guided along the Nature Trail. The work is not fully accessible and requires walking in nature environment. The walk is approx. 1,5km long. There’s a possibility to experience the work with your own smartphone and headphones, but some eqpuipment will also be provided on site. More information will be provided upon registration.

Leena Kela: I, a Bat

The art installation I, a Bat invites the audience to the Nautelankoski Mill to come near a bat, towards identification and the awakening of empathy. A plentiful colony of Daubenton’s bats live the old mill. The mill must appear different to bats compared to us humans. What if we would try to observe the space like bats? Would it be possible for us to understand the experience of a bat and to experience identification?

The participatory art installation I, a Bat is based on listening and echolocating and it is presented at the Nautelankoski Mill on Thursday 3rd of September. The languages of the work are Finnish and English. There are headphones for the audience to borrow, but it is also possible to listen the work with your own mobile phone and headphones.

Art installation Leena Kela, sound design Marko Hietala, echolocating device Roope Pellinen and Matti Husu, the bat sounds Harry Lehto. Bat expert Thomas Lilley.

Thomas Lilley: Bat Walk

A bat walk at Nautelankoski, during which the participants will get to familiarise themselves with the Daubenton’s bats living in the old water mill and other species of bats utilising the riparian habitat created by river Aura.