Marinka Limat – Kink Gong & Aloyce Funga funga – Rabota – Carlotta Moore

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New Performance Turku Festival ‘s evening programme
Friday 4.9.2020 18.30-00:00
Vanha Viinahtehdas, Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku
Registration for the full evening required, register here
Age limit 18

18:30 Doors open
19:30 Marinka Limat: The Art of Encounter
20:45 Kink Gong & Aloyce Fungafunga
21:30 Rabota: The Tunnel
+ DJ / performer Carlotta Moore
+ BAR open

Marinka Limat: The Art of Encounter

Performance artist Marinka Limat presents her project “Kunst-Pilger-Reise 3” from 2017: She walked 3000 km in the name of art across Europe. On her journey on foot, she worked on what she now calls “the art of encounter”. This consists in creating in a direct, open and spontaneous way, moments of exchange with people in her path. In the middle of her journey, in Serbia, she meets Zvonko. While normally it is the artist who surprises and challenges people by breaking into their daily lives, this time it is she who lets herself be surprised on her way.

Through images, she shares with the public her thoughts on this touching and singular encounter: How does it unfold? How is trust created? What role to play? Is this meeting, a fruit of chance, hazard or that of destiny?

Kink Gong & Aloyce Fungafunga: NYAMA KWA NYAMA

Composer Kink Gong’s music is now being challenged by the movements of a dancer behind a screen. Sounds are recomposed into an abstract journey, a story being told in sounds with the body of a dancer with a shadow and some mysterious visual archives are the ingredients of the new piece called NYAMA KWA NYAMA, on the remembrance of killing wild animals for survival.


Rabota: The Tunnel

Rabota is a group of two; being the citizens of different states artists were forced to hide from quarantine policy in the uninhabited place just to be not separated from each other and proceed common artistic practice.

In the current conditions of the lockdown, the artists’ challenge is to create a performative hybrid object, whose materiality would have a flickering character and thereby pass through material barriers. “The Tunnel” is the performative installation built on the index of all private belongings that have been in use during the biopolitical hideaway in the uninhabited wastelands.

The index of things has a matrix structure with array and variables, it can be easily transcoded into any coding system (like most universal: the text), and then regain the materiality that is necessary for the object of art. Each element of the set may be re-coded quite arbitrarily and at the same time, the integrity and self of the entire matrix object will not be violated.

Carlotta Moore: MASKED

Carlotta Moore is an awarded American actress and rapper, whose peculiar DJ set MASKED includes odd performative ass-pects. The sickening Miss Moore will perform masked in accordance to the zeitgeist. This performance is pure biological warfare and a threat to the American Dream!