New Performance Turku Festival 2019 reaches towards possible futures

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mirko nikolicin teos vuoden 2018 New Performance Turku Festivalilla. Kuva: Jussi Virkkumaa
mirko nikolicin at New Performance Turku Festival 2018. Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

New Performance Turku Festival 2019 presents artists and experts, various collaborators and fresh insights into performance art and the society. The festival will be organized October 18-20th in local performance spaces and public cityscape of the city of Turku. The festival has no admission fees and is open to everyone.

The theme of the New Performance Turku Festival 2019 is FUTURES. What kinds of new futures can we envision, dream and imagine as our worldview is currently in a dramatic process of evolving and changing? The festival aims in looking at multiple futures from the point of view of performance art – and what kind of means and visions we have to understand and create our possible futures.

Artists of the festival include Nathalie Mba Bikoro (Germany/Gabon),  Wathiq Al-Ameri & Ali Al-Fatlawi (Switzerland/Iraq) and Nathalie Stirnimann & Stefan Stojanovic (Switzerland/Serbia).The festival has also invited artist Leyya Mona Tawil (Palestine/Syria/USA) to work in Turku with new community project Turku Future Folk Dance, aiming in creating new folk dance for the city of Turku. Turku Future Folk Dance is organized in collaboration with Regional Dance Centre of the Southwest Finland, STRETCH Turku 2019 and the City of Turku. More artists and detailed programme will be announced during Summer and early Autumn.

New Performance Turku also continues FRESH-project, piloted in 2018, to bring out new local artists in performance art. FRESH project is realised with support by Varsinais-Suomi regional fund. FRESH-applications are accepted until 16th of June, more information here.

”One or two festivals in the world seem to attract the prevailing winds and currents of internationally significant work and stand out in their importance. After attending the 2018 edition, I am convinced that New Performance Turku is one of those significant events. — Performance festivals come and go, but New Performance Turku is currently one of the ‘keepers of the flame’ of international performance. People should flock to Turku – in my view a very special place – for this festival.”

– Rob La Frenais, curator, theorist
Founder of Performance Magazine (est. 1979) and Arts Catalyst