New Performance Turku Festival spin off -programme consists of critical conversations and lectures, and is collaborated together with local universities. All lectures are open for public and free of charge (except the Turku International Bookfair).

Critical discussions with expertise-commentator

Aika Tapahtuma Paikka
Wed 1.10. at 9pm val smith: Circle in Box – after the performance / Commentator MA folklorist Lilli Kantti Kutomo
Thu 2.10. at 9pm White on White: #6 – Queer Sells – after the performance / With Commentator MA researcher Kimi Kärki Aurinkobaletti
Sat 4.10. at 12am Walkapolis: Geologisen kaupunkikävelyn  – after the walk / Commentator geologist Ari Brozinski Panimoravintola Koulu
Sat 4.10. at 7pm Essi Kausalainen: Volatile Signals – with the installation / Commentator medical doctor Leena Koulu Titanik-gallery

Public lectures

Aika Tapahtuma Paikka
Wed 1.10. at 12.00-14.00 Prof. Antoine Pickels: “The performance art and live art scene in Brussels: at the crossroads of European practices” University of Turku art history: Janus-lecture hall/Sirkkala campus
Wed 14.00-15.30 Dr. Mark Harvey: “Truth and bullshit artists: some excuses for activities in New Zealand”  University of Turku art history: Janus-lecture hall/Sirkkala campus
Wed 1.10. at 16-17.30 Artist Talk: White on White Turku Arts Academy: Kuvateatteri
Thu 2.10. at 13-14.30 Lecture: Antoine Pickels: "Site-specific performances" Turku Arts Academy: Kuvateatteri
Fri 3.10. klo 22 FL geologist Toni Eerola: “Geology perfomances and psychogeography in Brazilian shopping centers” TEHDAS Theatre- Night Vision Club

Turku International Bookfair  

Time Event Place
Sun 5.10. at 4.30pm Presentation by Antoine Pickels and performances by Mac Ophélie and Anaïs Héraud Agricola-stage