Olga Spyropoulou (GR/FI) & Katriina Kettunen (FI)

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Olga Spyropoulou & Katriina Kettunen: To Organise Our Disappointments
Sunday 6.9.2020 at 12.30
Venue: Taidehalli, Vanha Suurtori 5, 20500 Turku
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English
Free admission/ registration required, please register here

New Performance Turku Festival Side programme / In collaboration with Turun Taidehalli / Kunsthalle Turku

To organise our disappointments is a joyride into failing. In this participatory performance, artists Olga Spyropoulou and Katriina Kettunen explore how disappointments occur and how they persist, stored in little pockets of memory called “things” and then put away yet in close proximity.

The performance is an intimate encounter between two performers, a box of troublesome objects, and a small audience. During the one-hour-long performance, the artists share fragments of their lives through a close inspection of these objects and ask the audience for help in organising them in a display that leaves everyone happy. For a moment.

To organise our disappointments is part of the Reality Research Center’s OFF programme 2020 and presented in Turku in collaboration with New Performance Turku Festival and Turku Kunsthalle. The performance is free of charge, but due to COVID-19 and limitations of the space, we ask you to sign up beforehand.

NOTE. Please do not attend the performance if you feel ill. Also, please maintain a safe distance between yourself and other people present.

Olga Spyropoulou (b. 1985, Athens) is a performance artist and researcher who utilizes disorder as an artistic practice. She is interested in how we relate to each other and experiments with different modalities of spectactorship and non-hierarchical methodologies.

Katriina Kettunen (b. 1983, Kirkkonummi) is an interdisciplinary artist and journalist, who’s performances often employ mixed media and autobiographical material, and are marked by humor, improvisation and subtle audience participation. The two began their collaboration in 2017 during their MA studies in Live Art and Performance Studies at Uniarts Helsinki.