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Petra Laiti: Dáppe gozan mun ‐ I guard here
Performance lecture
Saturday 22.9. 20:00, Viinatehdas, Manilla

There aren’t many places where the Saami can freely express their views. Such a space will be created by Petra Laiti, as she shares her experiences on being a Saami in Finland, on the racism behind laws restricting Saami rights and the crisis of self‐determination that lingers in indigenous politics in the Nordics.

Laiti’s performance is the product of her activism in both indigenous and environmental issues as well as her experiences in attempting to advance human rights in a country, where no one has ever heard of the issues she speaks of. It’s also an attempt to advance her lifelong goal; to make you understand why the Saami question can wait no longer.

Petra Laiti is the president of the Finnish Sami Youth organization and activist at the Ellos Deatnu movement. She is also an award-winning blogger and social media commentator. In Finland she’s known as a spokesperson for self-determination and indigenous people. Laiti will also carry these themes at the New Performance Turku Festival.