Antti-Juhani Manninen

RHINOCEROS 3 björn g lindahl

Rhinoceros 3 (Photo: Björn G. Lindahl)


Empty Art Space (Photo: Antti Turkko)

58 HOUR AFTER PARTY 2 stefan kramer

58 Hour After Party (Photo: Stefan Kramer)

Rhinoceros 3 (Photo: Björn G. Lindahl)Empty Art Space (Photo: Antti Turkko)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA58 Hour After Party (Photo: Stefan Kramer)

Antti-Juhani Manninen’s piece at the New Performance Turku Festival will be a two-part event-like performance, continuing with the themes central in his recent works. Both pieces, first one on Friday and the second on Saturday will take place in TEHDAS Theatre. Key elements of the first performance on Friday are repetition, text and human voice resulting in simple patterns or a series of images on the stage. Saturday’s performance is something completely different with an aim towards shared, partyable art.

Antti-Juhani Manninen (b. 1977) is a Finnish artist with a background in puppet theatre working in the fields of performance, sound and social circumstances. Recurring themes in his works are performing and performance as a form, presence, easiness and artist’s freedom. The focus is often in the social and physical circumstances of performances and art events. He has performed at the Helsinki Festival, at / festival in the museum for contemporary art Kiasma and at the music festival Ruisrock, among others.

In 2012 he founded Breathing, a combination of an art event and a work space that was organized for the sixth time this spring. He is a board member in the association for TEHDAS Theatre and is member of the artistic work group of the theatre. He is also a board member in Arte association running the Titanik-gallery. He is a co-founder in the award-winning work group Dirt Duckling known for it’s absurd performances.


Festival Club: LIMP I, Friday 2.10.2015 at 9pm-1am, TEHDAS Theatre, tickets 5/3 €

Festival Club: LIMP II, Saturday 3.10.2015 at 9pm-1am, TEHDAS Theatre, tickets 5/3 €

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